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@RepAndyBiggsAZ @JudiciaryGOP I’m a parent. And I make many decisions based off of what experts say in regards to child rearing. You are not a serious person. #voteblue2022 #voteblue #votebluein2022 #votebluein22

"Christian" GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance (OH), calls Democrats "scumbags." Yesterday, Senate candidate Blake Masters (AZ) called us "psychopaths." These are not serious, intelligent people capable of governing our nation. End Republican hatred, #VoteBlue.

🇺🇸America Fully Vaxx, Not Vaxx can you imagine Trump as President a 2nd time, unleashing unrestrained revenge and in charge of National Secrets, Launch Codes, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell & @SenateGOP too afraid to go against him? Sadly his far Right supporters do! #VoteBlue

I have not missed an election since 1968 and am a life-long Democrat! Please #RegisterToVoteZW and #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy & Especially #VoteBlueIn2022 just #VoteBlue @drgrinstead…

House Republicans continue to tout infrastructure projects and funding that they voted against. End GOP hypocrisy, #VoteBlue.…

A longtime tradition in Seattle this place is Awesome. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, folks. PAY THEM. #tuesdayvibe #VoteBlue…

@harrisonjaime “On Friday, he took to Twitter to tout funding from the bill he voted against -- highlighting a $70 million expansion of the Port of Virginia in Norfolk -- one of the busiest and deepest ports in the United States” Rep @RobWittman said this & voted NO on the bill!! #VoteBLUE

MTG endorsing JD Vance is all you need to know. Get to work, do what you can to support @TimRyan Let's win this seat for Ohio! 🔹 Follow 🔹 Retweet 🔹 Donate 🔹 Contact voters (phone, text, door knocking & post cards!) 🔹 Vote #VoteBlue #DemVoice1…

All politics are local. Support your local candidates up and down the ballot. I’m supporting campaigns at the state level and I’ve got my State Supporter badge from @actblue to prove it! Will you join me? #VoteBlue in 2022 #DemocratsDeliver…

@StephMillerShow @JillWineBanks Time is NOT on our side. Jill is right it shouldn't take this long for stuff to happen. Merrick Garland is wasting time. The 1/6 committee has less than a year and we know how fast that goes. Our only way out is to #VOTE and #VOTEBlue in mass. Otherwise...we are shit out of luck.

@RepJimBanks This hypocritical boilerplate is tiresome on its own and pitiful if you actually believe what you're saying. I hope the Democratic party has a candidate ready for whenever your term is up. #VoteBlue

Today's GOP: Lies. Hypocrisy. Threats. It's all they have. #EndTheGOP #VoteBlue

Don't forget...#tRump is telling us how he's going to steal the next presidential election, by installing his #lyinglackeys as "Secretary of State" wherever he can. We need to stop him! #VoteBlueAtAllLevels #VoteBlueIn22N24 #VoteBlue 💙💙💙💙…

Get a $2,900 tax break and do your part to help save democracy. Remove Jim Jordan! Donate to my campaign and let’s take out Jim Jordan!… #Ohio #OhioState #voteblue #voteblueIn2022 #jimjordan #Democracy #Democrats #VoteThemAllOut2022

I despise the #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy and all their works. There, I said it. #VoteBlue in 2022 and for the rest of your life. Until the GQP ceases to be dominated by a madman and his obsequious acolytes, they do not have any role in democracy.

Virginia's newly-elected Republican governor, who has banned critical race theory in public schools, is launching a tipline to report teachers of "divisive subjects." Elections have consequences. #VoteBlue

@RepStefanik #RepPlease you follow this guy to Mar-a-lago at his beck and call. You and your party are co-conspirators of the #BIGLIE and perpetrators of a massive conspiracy scandal behind Covid denialism. Case in point. Your dam tweet. 🥩🥩🥩 #RETIREelise #VoteBLUE

#Hope #USA #VoteBlue #DemocratsDeliver equity great domestic policies & #ClimateAction our/global present future #health #Republicans in House/Senate=#GOPTaxCuts didn't address #EndPoverty hurt homeowners w/#SALT State & Local taxes 10K cap limit & trying to kill #ObamaCare⚕️…

@Booker4KY Developing brains need good nutrition from birth. Grandma was right; you are what you eat. There’s brain food & there’s sugar-rich food. The choice is obvious. But brain food isn’t cheap. #VoteBlue

@RandyOnEd 'Representatives of former Democratic Govs. Tom Vilsack and Chet Culver told the AP their administrations never auctioned off access to the governor or to the governor’s official residence.' #VoteBlue…

🤣🤣 no where in history has a former president been this laughable. However , much of his damage remains. We must #VoteBlue we are #StrongerTogether…

@RepStefanik Trying to save a school from Covid CONSPIRACY and lies is what the Gov wants to do. Purposely placing kids and teachers in harms way is DESTRUCTIVE Wear a mask propagandist! #RETIREelise #VoteBLUE !! 🗳💙✨


@GovRonDeSantis Despite all previous indications and warnings from the federal government that these drugs don’t work against Omicron, DeSantis has made it the main part of the state’s response to COVID-19, rejecting the prevailing wisdom of the national medical community. #EpicFail #VoteBlue

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