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The real victims of the voting rights filibuster are the people targeted by wave after wave of voting restrictions put in place by Republicans since the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act. And we won't stop fighting for them. #VotingRightsNow…

I’m tired of @TheDemocrats saying “we can walk and chew gum” when their shoes are still on the shoe rack and their Wrigley’s are still in the wrapper! #VotingRights #VotingRightsMatter #VotingRightsNow

Billboards stating the senator’s name who voted no for the infrastructure money all along the project sights! Let the constituents know the truth. #VotingRightsNow #BuildBackBetter #VoteThemAllOut2022…

@Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema AND @SenateGOP @LeaderMcConnell - take a listen you hypocrites - we see you, we know who and what you are, you tell us with your words and actions every single day - #VotingRightsNow…

This is great news, but this back and forth in the courts is not sustainable, especially w/ a #SCOTUS w/ a Big Lie majority & led by a Chief Justice who has had a vendetta against #VotingRightsAct for decades. Congress must pass #VotingRightsNow! @BlackVotersMtr #ItAintOver…

@JustStacie5683 Good Morning Ya’ll! Hope you’re feeling warm today! 🌮 #VotingRightsNow #PardonRealityWinner #GunReformNow #EarWorm Eric Burdon & The Animals - San Franciscan Nights…

तश्वीरे बोलती हैं भाजपाई रामराज्य Point to be remember that days before #VotingRightsNow

Adios Sinema: New website from Voto Latino to ensure Kyrsten Sinema never holds another office of trust within the government of the United States #recallsinema #adiossinema #votingrightsnow #votingrights

“If you are a Democrat and you can’t uphold the fundamental right to vote for all citizens, then there’s a problem,” said Rep. @RoKhanna 👇 #VotingRightsNOW…

@duty2warn It is finally time for @TheDemocrats to start playing some hardball and make @SenateGOP plus @SenatorSinema and @Sen_JoeManchin pay a big price. The audacity that we should protect their seats when they don't give a damn about protecting our right to vote. #VotingRightsNow

If U dont follow #TheEditorialBoard, @johnastoehr? Missing out on insightful commentary,well researched background. I knew zilch of the vagaries of voting rights progress, beyond the gradual, agonizingly slow progress in enfranchisement of the poor, POC, women #VotingRightsNow

@POTUS I'd like to repair democracy. How does that work? #VotingRightsNow

@michaelharriot @eunique Whenever I see people's ignorant tweets like the tweet preceeding this thread, I now visualize Senator Amy Klobuchar ripping off her mask and scooting over Senator Chuck Schumer to answer that reporter's ignorant micro-agressing question last week. 🤭🤭🤭 #VotingRightsNow

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