Top Tweets for #WhoDey

@DrewFranklinKSR Might as well wear that inside of a pumpkin TN orange too. #WhoDey

@GermainePratt7 as a longtime fan of @PackFootball and the @Bengals, I want to thank you for that interception and for all the hard work this year. Also wanted to say how proud you and this team have made me as a fan. Go Bengals! #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle #BeatTheTitans #Bengals

@Mr_Ogunjobi You did work this season big dog!!! big reason we made it this far!!! get well bro #WhoDey

OMG Trey Hendrickson is off Concussion protocol and is good to play Saturday against Titans! LFG #WhoDey #RuleThePlayoffs

@nflnetwork @BengalsTalk @cj_uzomah @Bengals @gmfb Hilarious. Kinda reminds me of the G episode we saw earlier lol I can’t stop laughing or crying, I’m a mess #WhoDey #WhoDeyNATION

Let me try this again…since @JonathanIndia won rookie OTY & If @Real10jayy__ wins rookie OTY in the #nfl… what other cities have 2 rookies OTY in one year? @WCPO #WhoDey #WhoDeyNATION #RuleTheJungle @QHaehnle

@cj_uzomah is a Natural treasure & truly an untapped talent on a very talented offense! We see you CJ 🖤🧡 #WHODEY…

A very intentional tweet for those in the know like @EmmaGrome 🏈🐅💪 #WhoDey…

There's only stat you need to know for @Bengals @Titans game - turnovers. If my boys in stripes are in the minus column, they MIGHT, just MIGHT possibly lose. It's the only way that we MIGHT get beat. #RuleTheJungle #WhoDey #WhoDeyNATION

This… This is all I need to see…When a team can just air it out to score quickly, that starts making the opposing teams run game non-existent because of having to play from behind. #WHODEY #Bengals

Man this hits home. As a lifelong "diehard" Bengals fan, the feeling is real. #WhyNotUs #Bengals #WhoDey…… @khuber10 - we’re close to the same age, and have had all the same experiences as a Bengals fan (minus me not playing football 🤣) and you summed up everything I felt last week. Here’s to more. #whodey

Bored at work thinking about this weekend. Go Bengals #WhoDey 🐅

Burrow and the Bengals about to beat the mf'n breaks off the Titans secondary on Saturday #WhoDey #WhyNotUs #Believe #RuleThePlayoffs #Bengals

@findinpeace Girl , the honey badger even knows his fan base is trash 😂😂🐅🐅 #WhoDey

@Mr_Ogunjobi Big love to you Big man!! Looking forward to seeing you back in stripes!!! #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle

@EXAIR_TD @Bengals @Titans Its interesting the Titans put the old Bengal's wraps on the walls! lol Going to have a clone printed next week! #WhoDey

We sought Glory last weekend and Glory we received! Staring adversity in the face and shoving it in the dirt of the jungle. As we approach immortality, solidifying our names forever in history, we remain calm & hungry. #WhoDey

As a lifelong @Bengals fan, the only decision is black, white or both #WhoDey #werestillplaying 🏈

Our Fun Friday Theme is Cincinnati Bengals gear! Let’s show our support for our home team by wearing Bengals’ gear or anything orange and black. #WhoDey @Bengals #Freedom_Pride

@theScore Makes sense, he’s used to losing to Ohio teams. #WhoDey

This…all of this. Thank you ⁦@khuber10⁩ for putting all of the feelings of Saturday night into words. #RuleThePlayoffs #RuleTheJungle #WhoDey #WhyNotUs…

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