Top Tweets for #WorldMentalHealthDay

Today we wanted to shed light on one of the many #fundraisers that have donated to us in the past year. @Wilkinson_CC who managed to raise £100 following #WorldMentalHealthDay! 🎊

@LucyENichol It's not a phobia to 'trans''s defending females and women against men who {think} they're's not a difficult concept to grasp... 🤔 #WorldMentalHealthDay

The end is near! Our first-ever #worldmentalhealthday fundraiser is coming to an end in a few hours - but there is still time to support us! Add to our basket and see us grow! #createspace4mentalhealth…

We hosted an event to celebrate #WorldMentalHealthDay in October where our guest speakers shared their research that aims to support the mental wellbeing of different groups. You can find out more about their research here…

RT @PsychosomMed: A new special issue of Psychosomatic Medicine is now online: Biobehavioral and Neurobehavioral Processes in the HIV–Mental Health Interaction. Thanks to support from @nihmgov the articles are all open access. #WorldMentalHealthDay

No better timing! #AussiefollowAussie 🇦🇺 on #WorldMentalHealthDay ❤️‍🩹 Just 1 day but we’re here to prioritize mental health EVERYDAY through simple yet powerful shifts to recharge your mental health and perform at your best in work and life!🫵🫶 #MentalHealthMatters #NFTs #P2E

Today 3 December is #WorldMentalHealthDay! Human Rights Watch is calling on governments to prioritise mental health support, especially those related to crisis responses #WMHD2022…

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