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A journey of discovery into #At_Turaif’s heritage 🏜️ 🔍 Come meet the archaeologists exploring At-Turaif’s past and present 🌴 Get your entry pass today: 🎟️

Our working hours are changing in #At_Turaif 🕒 🎟️Get your entry pass today and explore At-Turaif’s history and majestic scenery:

Visit #AdDiriyah and explore its heritage neighborhood #At_Turaif District registered in the #UNESCO World Heritage List, stand on the view of an amazing history in #Bujairi Book Via: Opreated by @mytripcom #SaudiArabia #Tourism #VisitSaudi

Treat yourself to a feast of flavors with Cafe Bateel’s natural, premium ingredients.🌴 Get your entry pass today and enjoy the cafe’s majestic view in #At_Turaif: 🎟️

Immerse yourself in the glory of the past and the authentic culture that still lives on today 🌴🏜️ Join #At_Turaif’s archaeologists as they take a closer look at the district’s rich heritage 🔍 Get your entry pass today: 🎟️

This is where our history began, our culture thrived, and our legacy stood the test of time. 🐎 This is #At_Turaif. This is #Diriyah 😍

Breathtaking architecture, a rich heritage, and unexplored gems 🏜️ 🌴 Dive into the latest discoveries made by the archaeologists working in #At_Turaif 🔍 Get your entry pass today: 🎟️

@DGDA_SA @EvehaInter, in charge of the excavation research at #At_Turaif, is very glad to be involved in this project helping children to be aware of their archaeological heritage.👌

🌴Hier, notre équipe d'#At_Turaif accueillait @ludovic_pouille, ambassadeur de France en Arabie, pour lui présenter les recherches archéologiques en cours à #Diriyah. Merci pour cette visite ! @DGDA_SA #Diriyaharchaeology @EvehaInter…

Ignite your child’s sense of wonder with interactive sessions with the archaeologists behind #At_Turaif ’s excavation.  🤩 🔍 🏜️ Get your entry pass today: 🎟️

Step into a world of hidden treasures and ancient history 🚪 🌴 Explore the latest from #At_Turaif’s historical excavation with the archaeologists behind it 🔍 Get your entry pass today: 🎟️

Afin d'accompagner le projet de restauration d'#At_Turaif, des recherches archéologiques sont actuellement menées par @EvehaInter. Elles comprennent une étude de bâti et des fouilles sédimentaires au sein de plusieurs complexes architecturaux. @DGDA_SA #diriyaharchaeology

Celebrate the Arabian horse's grace and strength in #At_Turaif’s Arabian Horse Gallery, and take your children on a virtual tour on the back of a steed to At-Turaif. 🐎 🎟️Get your entry pass today:

Highlights of #At_Turaif tour for the Forbes Middle East Women’s Summit guests. It was our pleasure to share with our guests a glimpse of #Diriyah’s culture and unique Najdi architecture that sets it apart as a symbol of Saudi heritage. #FWS23

Discover #Diriyah’s natural beauty and the green landscapes of #BujairiTerrace and #At_Turaif 🌴🌾

Drawing inspiration from #At_Turaif’s historical significance, #DiriyahCompany is enriching its development plan by including +26 cultural landmarks that showcase our nation’s legacy and preserve our heritage. #IMD2023

@leomessisite Hey @leomessisite , we were thrilled to have you and your family visit and discover the historical #At_Turaif in #Diriyah!🤩🇸🇦 We look forward to seeing you again!

بعد عمل لأكثر من سنه ونصف تم إصدار كتاب #الدرعية #Diriyah_Culture #at_turaif و قد تشرف ابننا زياد بن محمد سعيد العرفج @ZiyadAlarfaj بالعمل مع نخبة مختارة ليظهر بهذا الشكل والمحتوى. كتاب توثيقي جميل مميز لحقبة مهمة في تاريخ المملكة العربية #السعودية ، صدر بتوجيه من بوابة……

Snapshots of the #FutureHospitalitySummit guests touring #At_Turaif and #BujairiTerrace. The historic neighborhood has been an inspiration in Diriyah’s own development as it transforms into a leading global tourism destination.

Indulging in history and gastronomy at TATEL Restaurants in #bujairiterrace with a stunning view of #at_turaif Visit Diriyah

@stilldragonin @Cristiano @tatelrestaurant @BujairiTerrace @VisitDiriyah enjoying rich history and food @tatelrestaurant Riyadh in @BujairiTerrace with a beautiful view of #at_turaif @VisitDiriyah sounds like a perfect combination! 🍴🏰

Indulging in history and gastronomy at TATEL Restaurants in #bujairiterrace with a stunning view of #at_turaif Visit Dirty ah. #CR7 #Ronaldo #Ronaldo

Indulging in history and gastronomy at TATEL Restaurants in #bujairiterrace with a stunning view of #at_turaif Visit Diriyah — At Diriyah,riyadh Saudi Arabia

Immerse yourself in history and culinary astronomy at tatel. riyadh in bujairiterrace with amazing view of #at_turaif #visitdiriyah @Cristiano

Cristiano: Indulging in history and gastronomy at @tatelrestaurant riyadh in @BujairiTerrace with a stunning view of #at_turaif @VisitDiriyah

Cristiano: Disfrutándome de la historia y la gastronomía en tatel Riyadh en @BujairiTerrace con una impresionante vista de #at_turaif @VisitDiriyah

Highlights from Lionel #Messi's visit to #Diriyah where he toured the UNESCO World Heritage Site, #At_Turaif and #BujairiTerrace where he learned about Najdi architecture and the area’s historical significance. #MessiInDiriyah…

Diriyah Gate Development Authority, @DGDA_SA has joined with Swiss hospitality brand Aman Group to unveil two projects in Saudi Arabia — Aman Wadi Safar and Janu Diriyah — Located within close proximity to the incredible UNESCO Heritage Site of #At_Turaif.

In partnership with Aman Group, we’re proud to announce two new destinations, Aman #WadiSafar and Janu Diriyah Located within close proximity to the incredible #At_Turaif. Introducing a new luxury hospitality in #Diriyah, Saudi Arabia’s foremost cultural and lifestyle destination

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