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@Buccigross I know my daughter, who is now 10 going on 20, was blocking it, but this is the #bucciovertimechallenge shirt that I won for submitting guess on Zach Parise’s new contract in 2012. Just thought I’d share with ZP being a free agent again. @espn__hockey @espn #nhl

Let’s do another #bucciovertimechallenge. Who has the game-winning hit tonight? Can @Dambosky go 2-for-2? Winner gets a beer!…

@Buccigross if the Rangers get Eichel I buy a shirt if he goes somewhere else I get a shirt deal? #bucciovertimechallenge

@Buccigross @espn Have you pondered selling #bucciovertimechallenge pucks or perhaps giving them selected winners? As someone with a puck collection i think it'd be a cool addition

@Buccigross if the @DetroitRedWings select Mason McTavish at 6, you send me a #bucciovertimechallenge tank, if not I buy one. Deal?

Frank, you already revealed the entire team… no need for anyone to tune in tonight on @espn to watch….. #bucciovertimechallenge…

@Buccigross 5 yr. anniversary of being one of the winners of the #bucciovertimechallenge Proudly wearing it in Glen Arbor, MI. Hiking with the dog on the sandunes overlooking Lake Michigan! #cawlidgehawkey

never thought the day would come when i won @Buccigross#Bucciovertimechallenge but here we are.

Not the boldest prediction, but I'm certain Nikita Kucherov will be the Lightning's boat parade MVP today. #bucciovertimechallenge @Buccigross

Starting a #bucciovertimechallenge. Who ever guesses who has the winning hit, I’ll buy them a beer.

On Eagle’s Wings/it doesn’t matter there are no good Protestant songs none of them slap #bucciovertimechallenge

Rsg selects to the finals. Winner winner chicken dinner. @DToskos @Buccigross bucci how about a retweet #bucciovertimechallenge @WYCPhiladelphia @RocketsHC

@Buccigross shirts arrived. Bet is now officially in the books. Thanks for the soft thin fabric for Florida living. #bucciovertimechallenge

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