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@soccerreform @opencup @ussoccer I think @culvers sponsoring the @midwestpl makes sense too, Ted. I already eat it four times a week. Locally in Sycamore they are already a partner of @dkcunited. #butterburgers #cheesecurds #curdsidepickup

"Discover all about cheese curds and Superior Dairy Treat, a cheese lover's paradise! #CheeseCurds #DairyDelight"

I got a box of cheese curds. A big portion of the box is a picture of the curd and that it squeaks. The actual helpful part of how to make them is so tiny you need trifocals and a magnifying glass to read it. Please fix it, @FarmRichSnacks #cheesecurds #cheese #snacks #tinyprint

We strongly back the claim that these Cheese Curds are a testament to quality and flavor, underscoring, why Wisconsin cheese stands unrivaled. Perfect shareable option for your group or side add-on to any order. [email protected] for more info! #CheeseCurds #Appetizer

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