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You may have already received a letter from the IRS about your Advance #ChildTaxCredit payments for 2021, but you may be confused about what it means for your tax return. Learn more about the Advance #CTC and taxes by reading our latest #blog article:…

" Families are scrambling to adjust to not having this consistent financial support. Many are having to radically reshuffle their lives, sometimes just to pay for basic needs." Read more on @NPR #ChildTaxCredit

Learn what your client can do if they didn’t receive IRS Letter 6419 regarding their advanced child tax credit payment information and how they can create an online taxpayer account. #childtaxcredit #Letter6419 #IRS

Families are in distress after the first month without the expanded #ChildTaxCredit. Just tell #Congress supporting this tax credit is good for the #Apartheid state of #Israel and/or the defense industry and the subsidies will flow.…

We need an economy AND a democracy that works for all of us. Families need Senators to pass the #BuildBackBetter Act now to ensure affordable #childcare & #housing, a permanent expanded #ChildTaxCredit, and protections for immigrants. #PasstheDamnBill

Parents and schools need to teach kids the costs and responsibilities associated with having children. I am ok with paying additional taxes to temporarily help families in need, but not long term or permanent. #ChildTaxCredit #Childcare #Parents #Responsibility #education

Childcare is expensive. But the #ChildTaxCredit helps make it more affordable for families like Lindsey’s. Read her story: #LiveUnited #EITC #CTC

@GOP @GOP votes against kids EVERY time by trying to defund WIC, food stamps, and health care for families. They even voted against #ChildTaxCredit

.@NPR 52 US Senators made the choice to take the #ChildTaxCredit away from the American families it had helped. Why? Look at the difference it made to end child poverty:…

Yesterday, we had a great webinar with @4americaschild and @Voice4HumanNeed about how school leaders can help families in their district receive the #ChildTaxCredit. Check out the recording and some essential resources on the #AASAadv app & blog 👉…

"Please don’t take this lifeline away from us," writes guest columnist and mother Kaderah Bryant about the #ChildTaxCredit's expiration.…

This month, the IRS will send Letter 6419 with the total amount of advance Child Tax Credit payments taxpayers received in 2021. People should keep this and any other IRS letters about advance #ChildTaxCredit payments with their tax records.

🚨🗞 Today in @ConversationUS, we discuss our paper on the #ChildTaxCredit—the first advance payment cut the share of families with children without enough to eat by 26%! @katie_mo_ @BUSPH @BUSPH_HLPM @BUexperts @EconomicsUNM @WilliamsEcon @HPRScholars…

Even though #ChildTaxCredit's future is uncertain in Congress, families still have a chance at extra cash. Many can still receive $10,000+ in benefits if they file a 2021 tax return this season. More from @codeforamerica at GetYourRefund.Org…

.@GMA More than half of US Senators allowed this to happen! Why are Senators so disconnected from the needs of American families? #ChildTaxCredit #52Senators @FeedingAmerica…

January was the first month that families did not receive the #ChildTaxCredit. These payments were crucial for working families in PA and across the country! Congress should reinstate this program by passing the #BuildBackBetter Act!…?

Pulling back on the expanded #ChildTaxCredit hurts the families that need it the most.…

@TheDemocrats Really? I just had 2 quit my job because my kid was sent home 3x & missed 36 of the last 49 days of daycare due 2 C19 exposures I follow the rules & I’m on the verge of loosing my mortgage not due to any fault of my own & I can’t collect UI Benefits. #ThanksBiden #ChildTaxCredit

Louisiana would benefit from a permanent expansion of the #ChildTaxCredit more than any other state because of its high rates of child poverty.… #lasen…

Without the #ChildTaxCredit, 187,000 Louisiana children are at risk of slipping back below the poverty line or deeper into poverty. The Child Tax Credit is too effective at fighting poverty for Congress to let it fail.… #lasen

Dear WH & Congress: All chunks matter. But chunks you take away from people trying to make ends meet likely matter more than chunks they never had. #BBB #childtaxcredit #poverty #inequality #chunks #Congress #Manchin #taxpolicy

Child tax credit: What parents need to know to get the rest of the payment in 2022 #tax #childtaxcredit #taxcredit #taxcredits #parents #parent #taxtip #taxtips #parent…

Dems Will 'Fight Like Hell' for Child Tax Credit, Says Sen. Brown 👨‍👦 🐴 #childtaxcredit #sherrodbrown…

5/No #ChildTaxCredit because they might spend it on drugs,like insulin, antibiotics,EPI pens. No paid family leave because all those women might use it to go hunting. Right, Joe??? You sir, are a pathetic example of a man. Just take your $7M+ & take off in your houseboat forever!

El #ChildTaxCredit beneficiará un aproximado de 404,000 niñas, niños y jóvenes para un total de 355,000 familias en Puerto Rico. Tu familia merece una mejor calidad de vida y el #CTC te puede ayudar a alcanzar la meta. Conoce los requisitos en

I like to imagine my #ChildTaxCredit comes DIRECTLY out of the pockets of #Conservatives who would also be BIG MAD that I discharged my student loans in bankruptcy. Also, post secondary education should be free! I will die on this hill.…

IRSnews: #IRS information letters to Advance #ChildTaxCredit recipients and recipients of the third round of the Economic Impact Payments can reduce errors and delays in processing this 2022 filing season. See:

Anyone feel like the early days of the pandemic where you’re riddled with anxiety, doom and can’t sleep? Just me…ok. #COVID19 #anxiety #Panini #Xanax #Omicron #insomnia #CancelStudentLoans #ChildTaxCredit

It's very easy to get people "out of poverty", just define the threshold for poverty at a number just a dollar above what they make, then simply give them a dollar and voila, the person is out of poverty. The government is excellent at this. #childtaxcredit #poverty

Can a Class action against #Manchin by families harmed by his denial of #ChildTaxCredit be organized? #coalBaron has it all.

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