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Unbelievable workday put on yesterday by our parents, players, & coaches.⁦@RDaleBaseball⁩ ⁦@LinetoLineLLC⁩. Few of our upgrades this year are a new visitor deck, new dugout padding, new backstop padding, & plyo walls in both the home & visitor bullpens. #cmonbaseball

Hopefully Thursday in addition to however many number of days in a row that end in “Y” until they get a deal done. #CmonBaseball…

“This is a giant pile of poop and you can only put so much perfume on it.” @notthefakeSVP on @MLB and @MLB_PLAYERS. Poetry.....and so very accurate. #makeitright #cmonbaseball

@MiLB Truth !!! Waiting .... and waiting .. 😫😫#cmonbaseball

@MikePaineShow Oh, I remember football season. It was so long ago it seems like a dream, til I check the current news and see it's actually a nightmare. #CmonBaseball

@TheFB_Kid @Indians Literal chills. #cmonbaseball

@MagicalMerlin50 No kidding. If E is going out it would have to be for ice fishing! 😊 #CmonBaseball ⚾️

@CHRISBOUCHARD88 Haha. I had Cooks on bench today in favor of Baldwin. Both are on my list. #CMonBaseball

5-2 Milwaukee, bottom of eight Neftali Perez gets two outs and gets pulled with no one on. really? #cmonbaseball

When your professional sport can have a doubleheader in one day #cmonBaseball

@MegsTy111 Oh boy. My favorite time of the year. #cmonbaseball

Saturday: Doc Emerick & Ian Darke call the gm 7 arrest of Sepp Blatter, carried out by Lebron James & Reilly Curry #PlotTwist #cmonbaseball

Does the Flyin' Hawaiian @KoltenWong hit 20+ Homers this year?? #CmonBaseball

Don't get me wrong, I love football, but baseball brings warmer weather. #cmonbaseball @Braves @smokiesbaseball

Scoresheet question: how badly will Josh Harrison (3B 2.70) get dinged defensively if I play him at 2B next year? #cmonbaseball

Billy Butler inside the park home run as Pence runs into the wall #cmonbaseball

this is the worst ruling of the 7.13, the catcher was blocking the plate before the throw was even made #yankeesvsrays #cmonbaseball

Back to the point where I hate college basketball. #cmonbaseball

In my book there are only two seasons: baseball season and football season #cmonbaseball #merica

Jesus has spring training started yet? I need something to take my mind off of life and this weather!!! #Reds #Cincinnati #CmonBaseball

Only 13 more days till @Rangers Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training. #cmonbaseball #recoveringfromhorriblesuperbowl

Talk about a good dream... Dreamt last night that I caught an Adam Wainwright home run ball. Dear Lord let it be prophetic! :P #cmonbaseball

On the bright side everyone, 2014 is the year of the Rangers! #worldserieschamps #brightfuture #cmonbaseball

@SportsCenter @MLB Thats the most exciting play in Baseball, why don't they take away stealing bases as well. #cmonbaseball

5:24 and I haven't watched one minute of football. #cmonbaseball #stlcards

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