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From @AP: @GovofCO to “aggressively assert” water rights as Nebraska plans $500M canal in Colorado #cowater cc: @R_EricKuhn @KUNC @ColoWaterWise @COWaterCenter @jfleck

Our SW Basin Roundtable subcommittee meeting made the news today. #CORiver #COWater…

From @KRCC Many people on the Front Range depend on water from the Denver Basin. But the underground supply isn’t infinite. #cowater cc: @R_EricKuhn @KUNC @COWaterCenter @ColoWaterWise @FLCwater @GSAHydrogeology @EnvironmentCO

We're gearing up for an epic year of conserving and protecting Colorado water. Stay tuned for our big announcement coming at Water Congress! #CWCAC2022 #cowater

From @KUNC: History forces 'hard decisions' in Eastern Colorado's declining Republican River basin. #cowater cc: @aguwater @COWaterCenter @jfleck @R_EricKuhn @ColoWaterWise @UNLincoln

Colorado Water News Daily - 19 January 2022. #cowater cc: @AWRACO

In Nebraska City News-Press: Opinion: Protecting Nebraska’s water rights for generations to come. #cowater

We're happy to be supporting the Town of Nederland's #rightsofnature resolution for the Boulder Creek Watershed! #cowater…

💦 At Northern Water, we do much more than deliver #cowater today - we plan for deliveries in the future. In addition, we monitor and collect data and participate in efforts to restore and protect endangered species and aquatic #wildlife. Learn more at

Hello Colorado River Basin Media, The Walton Family paid NGOs and media won't tell this story because the Walton Family supports it. Get the facts here. #CORiver #COWater #COPolitics #TheDamTruth #WaltonMedia @GovRicketts…

"New Mexico, Kansas, Utah, and Wyoming also need to wake up to Colorado's massive river-destroying water grab before it's too late." @GovRicketts @GovLauraKelly @Michelle4NM @SpencerJCox @GovernorGordon #CORiver #COWater #COPolitics #TheDamTruth…

PRESS RELEASE: Nebraska Wakes Up and Opposes Colorado Water Plan; Save The Colorado Agrees #CORiver #COWater #COPolitics #TheDamTruth… “The Colorado Water Plan is trying to drain every Colorado river before it crosses state lines." -- @GaryWockner

@SaveTheColorado @GovRicketts Fascinating. #cowater #WaterWars How about @GovRicketts & @GovofCO actually have a conversation about this and go from there? How about discussing #Growth & #WaterRights on @TuckerCarlson's program or @joerogan's podcast? cc: @inthistogether0 @growthbusters @sharonudasin

From @WaterEdFdn: As the Colorado River Shrinks, Can the Basin Find an Equitable Solution in Sharing the River’s Waters? #cawater #cowater #SWUSwater cc: @LISABEUTLER @8thGenCA @FeliciaMarcus @jfleck @thewaterloop @egies @mwdh2o @SNWA_H2O @P_Mulroy @CA_DWR

We couldn't be more excited, 2022! We CARE about rivers and freshwater #biodiversity protection. 1. New programs 2. New boardmembers 3. New ideas 4. New opportunities Follow us and propel yourself into the FUTURE of river protection! #CORiver #COWater #TheDamTruth @robathon16

Don't miss your chance to grow! It's the last weekend to apply for the '22 #WaterLeaders Program. Gain a better understanding of your unique strengths, skills to enhance your team or work, and a network of peers. Good leaders are good for #cowater Apply:

@GovRicketts statement is exactly true and is why we OPPOSED the Colorado Water Plan which institutionalized draining/destroying every Colorado river before it reached the state line. #CORiver #COWater #COPolitics #TheDamTruth Speak it, Governor!…?

We stand with Nebraska if it works to keep the Platte River running clean and healthy all the way to Lincoln! Colorado is trying to drain/destroy every river before it reaches the state line. #coriver #cowater #copolitics #thedamtruth @GovRicketts…

From @WOWT6News: Nebraska, Colorado governors spar over water rights. #cowater

Early bird pricing for this year's #TripleBypass ends Jan. 15. Come bike with WEco to support #cowater! Sign up today and make sure to select “Water Education Colorado” as your team.

Every year, the Colorado-Big Thompson Project transports more than 200,000 acre-feet of #cowater through 35 miles of tunnels and 95 miles of canals. In 2021, the 15 millionth acre-foot of water was delivered through the C-BT System, including 450,000 acre-feet of Windy Gap water.

Thank you, @GovofCO, for your commitment to a "sustainable water future for all Coloradans." We look forward to working with you to ensure just that. #COWater #StateOfTheState

Referencing this year’s scheduled update to the #COWaterPlan, @GovofCO reaffirmed his commitment to make the plan “more resilient and ensure that our cities farm and streams can thrive for years to come.” #COWater #COLeg #StateOfTheState

.@GovofCO in State of State on #cowater: "We will continue to protect and aggressively assert Colorado’s water rights under all existing water compacts." 👏👏 #coleg #COPolitics

We stand with @GovofCO in ardently defending #cowater and CO water interests through all of our inter-state water compacts. #coleg #copolitics

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