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So hey, @awonderfulmovie is homophobic and you should unfollow them! This is the "non-family-friendly" and "disappointing" content these comments refer to. 🙄 #SpiritDay #EraseHate #CountdownToChristmas…

@TheAngryOso #Erasehate we must only hate people who disagree with us!!!! Everyone must agree for the good of the collective

23 years of laughter, of tears, of joy, of memories, of photos, of life that Matt’s family and friends will never know. 💔 #MatthewShepard #EraseHate #LaramieWyoming…

Today we remember the life of Matthew Shepard, a young man who was brutally murdered in a senseless act of hatred. We must never forget his story, and we must stand up for our LGBTQIA+ communities, today and every day. #EraseHate

23 years ago, #MatthewShepard was murdered by two men because he was gay. This should have never happened. Everyone should be able to love whoever they want no matter what sexuality, gender, race, religion and nationality they are. Honor him with love and courage. #EraseHate

On this day in 1998, #MatthewShepard was murdered in Wyoming, USA simply for being gay. Let us never forget the challenges so many have had to overcome and the fights fought for people to simply be themselves. #LGBTQ #EraseHate #NationalComingOutDay

If you can, take a look and donate to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Thank you for your consideration. 🤍✨ Let's #EraseHate together!…

Matthew Shepard will always have a place in my heart, soul, & mind. 🤍✨ The horrific torture he endured will never leave my mind... I continue to fight for equality & against hate... Mostly because of him. He's a hero of mine, a gentle soul taken by hate. #DemVoice1 #EraseHate fight for equality, and to foster a more caring and just world. All donations, up to $10,000, are being matched today through October 15. We can continue to make a difference, in Matt's name, with your support: #EraseHate

@TheEllenShow This breaks my heart Ellen! Remembering Matthew Shephard. #erasehate 💔🇨🇦

RTTheEllenShow: Today, we remember Matthew Shepard.❤️ #erasehate…

TheEllenShow: Today, we remember Matthew Shepard.❤️ #erasehate…

Today, 23 years ago, Matthew Shepard was taken away from us. After fighting for his life in the hospital, Matthew was told he could let go. He was surrounded by his loving family. #NeverForget #MatthewShepard #NoH8 #EraseHate #LGBTQ #Loveislove

23 years ago today, Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, succumbed to his injuries after he was viciously attacked. Today, his memory and passion for social justice lives on in the #MatthewShepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. #EraseHate

5/5 Matt died on October 12, 1998 at 12:53am at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado with his family by his side. It's 23 years ago today that Matt passed away. Please follow the @MattShepardFDN & #EraseHate

Today we remember Matthew Shepard and commit to making sure that EVERYONE is able to live in dignity. We can’t continue to repeat the sins of the past. #EndHate #RememberingMatthew #EraseHate #LoveIsLove

#OTD 23 years ago, Matthew Shepard died from the most hateful & heinous of crimes. He was a young man filled with a vibrancy of life and a generosity of spirit. An avid traveler and peer counselor, he embraced differences & fought for equality. We'll never forget him. #EraseHate

Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) Always remember #EraseHate #MatthewShepard

@NYCMayorsOffice @BilldeBlasio ur latest attack against gifted kids in schools reeks of hatred and racism against Asian Americans. It’s very sad. #erasehate

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