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@kpassa @judekay17 @erikajayne And @erikajayne just doesn’t get it. Nobody cares about her, it’s all about the victims, #fireerikajayne #firelisarinna @Andy since you and @KyleRichards also knew about this #FireKyleRichards #AndyCohenstepdown #rhobh

@3rdseasoncurse @LisaVanderpump Vanderpump rules is still on. I haven't heard that her other 2 have been cancelled. But she will be okay if they are. Her wine business, multiple restaurants keep her busy. But be jealous. #firelisarinna

Rinna….sit back down!!! AND right back at you!!!🖕 #firelisarinna Why is she still around?

@BrightlyAgain LR is a liar none of the OC have said a thing. #firelisarinna

@TweetTreet It was horrible. They need to #fireerikajayne #firelisarinna maybe hire @DENISE_RICHARDS and couple others to save this show. I’m out if the cast doesn’t get new ppl.

Ooooohhh did we forget how she shamed Kim about her addiction/recovery? Or attempted to out Denise falsely and ruin her marriage? But she feels great shame for Yo because her daughters are top models....WE SEE YOU HO! #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion #firelisarinna…

@realityjunkie43 @LisaVanderpump I was stunned when a Bravo fan page on IG claimed the so-called "truth" was finally out about LVP. From a kiss-ass former BH producer? Please! No storyline so they are beating this dead horse. Using LVP for ratings again. Pathetic. #firelisarinna #firevilekyle #firedorit

@judekay17 When will the realise how horrible this woman is, she said kim was near death, did this to Yolanda, bullied denise then the photo of her and Harry in that t shirt the list goes on.... I'm so sick of this woman and she should be fired #firelisarinna

@judekay17 #firelisarinna I can smell her desperation. So what if LVP did leak it. Dorit was in the wrong. Did deadbeat dorit ever pay the $5000 she owes?

@annmsalas He is bright. He tried to use a nig word and he did it wrong. Just showed his own ignorance. #firelisarinna

“The truth is, you have a problem & wanna hurt people” Kim Richards really tried to tell ppl & no one listened. The list of ppl Rinna has hurt: Kim, Yolanda, Eden, Lisa Vanderpump & Denise. She tried to hurt Garcelle,but she exposed Rinna’s racists ass first #RHOBH #firelisarinna…

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