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@ThriveFantasy I’m stil waiting on the answer s to my question s about why I can’t withdraw my winnings #freelancesmoney #dfs #rotogrinders #awesomo #GamblingTwiitter

@ThriveFantasy @espn The only upset was me. UK is my team I draw the line you poking at them. #freelancesmoney

@ThriveFantasy Looks like he’s getting what he deserve. Glad someone is #freelancesmoney

@ThriveFantasy 18 since I’m the only person that answers most the time it seems like I could Atleast get some answers to my questions about my account #freelancesmoney

@ThriveFantasy Just a company with estrogen flowing through it. I hope you guys got some testosterone for Christmas 🎄 #freelancesmoney

@NFLonFOX #freelancesmoney Thrive won’t let me withdraw. Let’s make this trend

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