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@Tytantinese @MLSist As a member of #GKUnion it helps level the playing field, but I understand where you’re coming from…😉

Don’t criticise Spain for missing Celebrate the achievements of Yassine Bounou for his saves 🫶🏼 #GKunion

🧤 #GOALKEEPER CROSSING SESSION 🧤 Here is a 2x goal crossing session which creates ‘high ball’ scenarios coming from both wide & central areas ⚽️ - Collect cross / Defend the goal - Catch / punch - Aggressive starting positions - Eary decision making #Gkunion #Gkcoach

Big time season from #s1gkusa goalkeeper Colby Swift! Two straight Goalkeeper of the Year awards in the KCAC. #gkunion…

An unexpected surprise to be able to see some footage of @Sampinnegar2 playing as a first year scholar for @MGFA1 up at Newcastle last week. Keep up the hard work #MGFA #gkunion #keeper #martingrayfootballacademy #commandthebox

What a Goalkeeper @Alissonbecker is , before this game, he wasn’t really been tested in this World Cup yet, but today he made about three tremendous saves ! #GKUNION #BraKor 🇧🇷

Wow! @Alissonbecker has been Brazil's defensive wall tonight. 3 top draw saves 🙌🙌🙌 #GKunion #WorldCup2022 #BRAKOR

No goals allowed here! 🚫 Congratulations to Madilyn M. and Wyet R. on winning the November Kings Hammer GK Union Save of the Month! #KingsHammer #GKUnion

Great win and performance @MFC_Academy vs @QPR ⚽️ U11’s pick of the bunch from this one who had a superb game and pleasure to watch hard work paying off 🦁🧤💙 @Defiancegloves @tv_lions @NOLUTALKIN #keeper #hardworkpaysoff #gkunion #gk #millwall #QPR #littlebart

Great @evosoccermain performance at the weekend. 3 points (and a clean sheet for Pat). Not overworked but did his job when called on. Some lovely pings as well. @AnzenGk #gkunion

Some love for the #GKUnion. No one will talk about Alisson today, but people should. For 5 years now he has always provided the right save at the right time for club and country. The best in the world hands down.

Given @Alissonbecker is in nets, and already produced a top draw save, Brazil will fancy their chances #TopCat #GKunion #WorldCup2022 #BRAKOR

3 penalty saves to get to the quarter finals think jeans doesn't like goalkeepers though #WorldcupQatar2022 #GKunion

If Livacovic does NOT win MOTM...the voters are on something. THREE SAVES! #GKUnion

Thank You to the Players and Staff that participated in our @RacingLouFC Pre Draft Goalkeeper Camp. Top performance by the group and excited to see where their journeys take them. Excited for the future of goalkeeping in the @NWSL and Women’s Professional Football! #GKUnion

@tucks_gkcoach @StaceyMiless @EnglandLearning Thanks Adrian, I’ll be checking the @EnglandLearning course links hourly to hopefully get onto one of these first time. Thanks for sharing the awareness 🧤🧤#gkunion

"There are gonna be alot more people that will say you Can't, than the people that tell you, you can" If you want it, you can achieve it ! 🙏🙏 #gkunion #motivation #Goalkeepers

Over 30% off on our top selling glove! Breathable back hand with 4 mm German Contact Latex (Best on the market!) Wear what the pro's wear. GKUnion, your #1 "stop" for goalkeeper gear and #Joma uniforms. #GKUnion #GKGloves…

As good as #ENGLAND have been after the first half hour we shouldn’t underestimate that save from #pickford #gkunion 🧤

See the movement of that ball at the last second from Kanes shot? #GKUnion

Oh no. Hope all is okay. Speedy recovery. Brave goalkeeping. #gkunion #hergoalkeeperhub 🧤⚽️🧤…

@headdturnerr You have inspired so many young goal keepers in this country #GKUnion

Ban over the top stutter run ups for penalties. #GKUnion

Hey @fifa, if the goalkeepers can’t move off their line for a PK, then you need to get the shooters in check. The pause that Lewandowski just pulled in the #FRAPOL game is awful. #GKUnion

Ban the stutter step penalty. If you can't score from the spot without gimmicks, you can't score. #GKUnion #Penalty #FRAPOL #Fifaworldcup

If the penalty taker is going to stutter his run-up the keeper shouldn’t be expected to stand still #gkunion

If the rules have changed for a keepers feet leaving the line, then change it for them stutter run ups. Absolutely ridiculous #FIFAWorldCup #FRA #POL #GKUnion

Friday afternoon match day -2 @UDAUKSOCCER GK session ⚽️🇺🇸🇨🇦 Activation,isolated tech practice, 18yd box combo before squad SSG 👊 #GKUnion #keepertraining #keepers #saves #enjoywhatyoudo

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