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J’ai besoin de votre aide les fans de foot !!! Qui va a la 8e de la CAN 2021 ??? #Help #TeamGabon #TeamMorocco #CAN202

Chłopaki i dziewczyny pytanie mam jest taka strona z podejrzana nazwa i wszystko jest na przecenie co dodaje punkty do podejrzenia i czy warto tam coś kupić czy kupić z pewnej strony trochę gorsze??? #Help czy coś No pomocy ludki

@JacobAClifford Every day I post the holiday(s) for that day & birthdays for various famous people at the top of my Classroom agenda. Today I had a student ask, 'So when is Mr.Clifford's birthday? We should celebrate it.' I said I would ask and get back to him. #help

Oigan me URGE la foto de Laura Bozzo con cejas sobrepuestas #help

What’s the process of being twitter verified? I see people with like 1k followers verified, anybody have any insight on this? Trying to build my credibility in the space and that seems to be a prominent way! #help

ej puściłam sobie taką playlistę do nauki i fajna ta grafika wsm ale te otwarte drzwi mnie przerażają ;-; #help #scared #study

I need help. I desperately. Need help. So. Somebody hacked my debit card and stole 700 dollars from me for My bank and apple aren't being entirely helpful and I need money by Friday or I lose my car. Somebody. Help. Please. #Help #Helpme

“But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Matthew 19:26 #Help #Hope #JesusSaves

Benny was very lethargic, he needed plenty of good food to help him thrive. We are so happy with Benny's progress and have fallen in love with him along the way!♥️ ⭐️ #donate #give #help #horses #rescue #AnimalRights #AnimalWelfare #miniaturehorse

Find out more about your love, career, social life, family life, etc. Tarot will help you see things from a new perspective, it will give you the tips you are looking for. #Tarot #Love #Help

I can have an entire fridge, freezer and pantry full of food, and I’ll still order delivery! 🙄 #HELP #SINGLELIFE

Guys if anyone wants to help i have a discord server it has 97 members only left 3 to get 100 members so how wants to join will be thankful for help ( this is the link #Fortnite #Discord #Help #Giveway #Giveaways

Oi pessoal! #help #ajuda #vakinha Venho aqui pedir ajuda de vocês, pois minha mãe está com um aneurisma cerebral e precisa fazer uma cirurgia urgente. Ela é a pessoa mais importante desse mundo pra mim e é muito doloroso vê-la nessa situação.

Please help my friend’s seriously ill father to get back to the Netherlands. He stays at the hospital in critical condition due to a covid infection. Every little bit helps 🤍 English and Dutch description in the link !! 🙏🙏 #gofundme #covid #help

Help. I need great books to read. Stories that will mesmerize me that can hold my attention. If you know of anything please let me know. #help #greatbookstoread #mesmerizing #attention #letmeknow

I am sorry... I am a bit behind... what is subbothon? #twitch #streamer #help #Questions

Please share. Sammie is so precious to my brother who has autism, his entire life revolves around her. We wouldn’t ask if we were not desperate. Even if you can only share it would be a massive help ❤️. #GoFundMe #help #family

And so it happened again. I have never asked for financial help on Twitter before but now i really need your help. I need to get away, very far away from this man before it's too late. Any donations will help. #Help #MutualAidRequest #GoFundMe #abused


I'm taking #Bitcoin donations in any denomination for a great cause called #Electricity and I am sure #deposit. Its not for me its for the two snotty college kids next door. $10 Folks come on, They ain't hot, or would got it😗 #Help #Da #Kids 37Gajds8NXAnhQmnFX34HbJQ9EeKqZbuN2

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