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They keep asking Garcelle over and over "Why didn't you tell me you felt like that?!" & Garcelle calmly replies "I did. I told you exactly that." She's just so much better than the #leftcouch. #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion

@thegrandame I miss this so bad🥺🥺 the #LeftCouch were supreme in those days!

Yessss Team #Leftcouch lol My spidey senses say: Karen, Monique and Ashley. Right couch: Gizelle, Candiace, Robyn and Wendy…

After watching Part 1 of 3 (!!) of the #RHONJ Reunion, I just need @Andy to know that I am unshakably Team #LeftCouch

Have to add @stephhollman and @BrandiRedmond continue to be the most REAL of the #rhod. Love how humble they are. And @dandrasimmons, you go girl, sorry you have to keep defending yourself against the #rightcouch. You can’t argue and win with crazy. Stick with the #leftcouch!😘❤️…

Wow I'm not observant at all 😂actually @LALATE u CRACKED me up #LeftCouch & ear missing , got it! 🙄🙄🙄 let's say I'm sitting on the LL side

@drewhatch @Andy @LeeAnneLocken I’m totally cool with husband(S!!!!!!) attending. Not cool with production lying to #leftcouch about it being a closed set.

I'm team #LeftCouch MINUS Sparkle Pink Doggy Vomit Inducing Barbie. #RHOD

@KenyaMoore hi. I'm team #LeftCouch (don't know why @shameamorton was also on team Left couch)

The girls on the #LeftCouch need "I'm horribly, truly, DEEPLY sorry!" recorded 7 zillion times so they can just listen to it forever. #RHOBH

Ugh! I happen to be #leftcouch! Plus @MeghanKEdmonds. But yes! Agree to disagree!

We've got a #leftcouch of #villageidiots and Monday morning quarterbacks. #RHONY #RHONYfinale

I want to watch the #rhony season that the #leftcouch think they took part in. #4villageidiots #whatishappening

Just gotta say I love @Kandi So glad U R speaking the truth about Glen b.c the others R NOT! #RHOA #leftcouch SUX!

Yeah bc @NeNeLeakes could stand alone. #leftcouch teams up because they are weak as one #RHOA…

@KenyaMoore has freedom of speech. She can say what she want to. But #leftcouch wouldn't know that.

@jdirusso @NickyRicciardi stumbled across this gem of a photo that was taken when I went to pizza Mia #LeftCouch

The "Bible Belt" are just fine with the #leftcouch laughing! #rhony @Andy #wwhl

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