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Getting to coach & ref this studs soccer game today was one of the first times in 3 months where I had moments when I didn’t worry about my Achilles’ injury - Almost felt “normal” for a few moments, felt good 💪 #BeTheGood #MambaMentality #Dadlife #HappySaturday…

Just finished an amazing game on REC in 2k24. Was down by 3 in the 4th quarter with 7 seconds to go. I gotta good open look from deep and got fouled on a 3pt shot. Knocked down all 3 FT to send the game to OT. #MambaMentality

@currypistonn Broken hand and still takes the shot and makes it. #mambamentality

Damn I don’t complain about #NBA2k24 but why the hell is the #ChrisBrickley hard “pause” lol. Last year I can do his event and get my #MambaMentality but I just played the 5v5 and Aaron Gordon hitting threes with my hand in his face?!?! Lol howwwww @Beluba

Last night i learned a lot about my skills as a rocket league player. Back to the drawing board. I will be back. #mambamentality

@RotoJersey @Mike_Kurland I will be going to a music festival during the last weekend of baseball. After that I will take about a week to just chill. Then right back to it. I will be pumping out breakdowns of one bat and one arm everyday on my patreon (both in pod and article form) #mambamentality

コービーこんな風に再現?してくれるとは! ジャージー噛むところまで…芸が細かい! ありがとうございます! #MAMBAMENTALITY…

GM👾 You glow differently when your confidence is fueled by belief in yourself instead of validation from others. #SelfBelief #MambaMentality

I was down 20 and everyone on my team quit. Got the W and finished with 38 pts #mambamentality #NBA2K24 #2k24 #NBA #2k #2kCommunity

Day 998!! Day 13 of @GoodLifeHalfsy training with easy 8.3mi run! Luckily I got the run in before the rain started! 2️⃣ days til 1k!! #MambaMentality #RoadTo2000mi #RavensFlock

The Mamba Mentality, coined by Kobe Bryant, is a relentless and fearless approach to life and basketball, characterized by an unwavering work ethic, mental toughness, constant learning, and an unyielding passion for excellence. #MambaMentality #KobeLegacy #RelentlessExcellence

The bigger the trials and tribulations, the bigger the blessings. Turn that pain into your purpose. Your struggles that seemed unbeatable will be the reason someone beats their struggles. It doesn’t have to be understood, it just has to be done. #ChinUp #MambaMentality

Interested people watch obsessed people change the world —Tim Grover #focusonthedetails #mambamentality

It’s not about what you like nor what’s comfortable— it’s about what works. Adjust & Adhere #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #realtalk #sportstalk #athletemindset #mambamentality #MotivationalThoughts

I would like to present this special tribute I did for @kobebryant and #gigibryant I want to thank you for always inspiring me to bring out the best in me. Also, would like to thank you for inspiring me to be a better girl dad. #mambamentality #kobedumptruck

We don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run; we endure and conquer #mambamentality

Day 997!! Day 12 of @GoodLifeHalfsy training with easy 5.5mi run! 3️⃣ days til 1k! Big district game tonight against Crofton, Go Bears!!!! #MambaMentality #RoadTo2000mi

@Matthew81156980 @hale493 @wooddw1985 Loving the #mambamentality - that’s how you roll. Maybe a little cheeky shandy maybe in order for this though. Having spoken to many of you involved in this, great seeing this work being recognised. Go well all.

@Keeponwalking__ I always tell them, don’t dine on your success for too long… like Kobe said “jobs not finished” 🐍 #mambamentality @hale493 @wooddw1985

Be the best version of yourself, every day! #MambaMentality Join us for the Homecoming football game tomorrow at the Nest. Kick off 7:00 pm. Wear your blue and gold and cheer these kids on. Admission $7 per person. Can’t wait to see you there.

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