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As much as Ole needs to go as well I feel we have gradually eased off our toxic owners. We need to keep the energy. As much as I want #OleOutNow I want #GlazersOut far far more. But Ole does need to go he wouldn’t work under any owner. #MUFC

I think the situation with Ole at #MUFC is surrounded with sentiment as to why he is still there. Seems like a great person but not right for the job. As an Arsenal fan I'll say #OleIn

Manchester United in the last 3games Leicester 4:2 Manchester united Atalanta 2:3 Manchester united Manchester 0:5 Liverpool What's not happening. 12goals in 3matches 🤔🤔🤔 #ManchesterunitedVsLiverpool COME ON UNITED #PremierLeague #MUFC

@DanielRegha @goal Can you plz not discuss about #MUFC . Not a good day today

With all the focus on how bad #MUFC were yesterday, it is easy to forget how relentlessly brilliant #LFC were and have been since the start of the season #YNWA…

They have gone from "not the result we wanted" to "this not good enough." These players are something else #mufc

MAN UNITED 0-5 LIVERPOOL : Makele 🗣️ "How will you be tearing them 5 and putting mane? TO DO WHAT?" FULL VIDEO HERE 👇🏽 #MUNLIV Conte #oleout #olein De Gea lindelof #mufc vardy

How is @HarryMaguire93 dodging criticism for this latest defeat? Performances not good enough for weeks now. Chief cause of confusion at the back with poor decisions, amateur positioning, and continuously giving the ball away. £80m leader? #MUNLIV #MUFC #OleOut @rioferdy5

How have I woken up to see Ole is still in a job 😭 imagine if I didn’t grasp the basic concepts of my job and couldn’t perform the most basic of tasks (defending) in my job?! @ManUtd you are setting a terrible example by accepting this calibre of performance #mufc #OleOut

OLE, #MUNLIV was the final question which U couldn’t answer. U can’t turn things around, so resign. A new, more mature & more aspiring coach needs 2 come in. If a new coach comes in & if #MaguireOut remains a 1st team player, then the mgt should be replaced. #MUFC #GGMU #OleOut

The manner of the defeat is too much to take in! you can lose a football game but blimey that was sick yesterday🤢 #MUFC

Has SAF ever got relegated? Cuz next is that, and we are going to see some idiots saying that in order to defend Ole's inability. #OleOut #OleOutNow #ManUtd #MUFC

Thank God it’s a bank holiday here, I couldn’t be bothered to listen to my mates in work. #MUFC

We are United!💪💪 We will bounce back #MUFC

Ignore them, Jlings, we know what you bring❤💟🖤 @ManUtd #MUFC…

Has Olé resigned or been sacked yet? Surely there is no way in the world he'd keep his job after that shit show yesterday? #mufc #OleOut

Was thinking yesterday and I was like: “what if we had new club owners before the start of this season?” Ole would have been out of a job by now! But tbh as long as the Glazers are still calling the shots at #MUFC I don't see them sacking Ole anytime soon.

Pijnlijk beeld illustreert diepe crisis bij Man United (🎥) #MUFC #United…(🎥)

Make no mistake, there are still enough idiots on this platform who will want Ole to be given more time so that he can "turn it around" #MUFC

Работаешь такой, устаешь. А тут 5:0. Сука, серьёзно? Дермище. #MUFC

Je vais répondre quoi ce matin aux collègues qui me demanderont si j’ai passé un bon week-end ? comment je vais ce matin ? … et qui vont me souhaiter une bonne semaine…. #MUFC #MUFC_FAMILY #PLRMC

Still no announcement? I can’t sit through more games under Ole and co. Even if he doesn’t play McFred nothing will change. Bruno is to far forward, wingers don’t drop, midfielders don’t shift to cover wingers, gaps between lines too big, just a mess all over. He has to go. #MUFC

I don't need a manager to tell me to track runners. Just saying. #mufc

Paul Pogba being suspended for the Derby is absolutely devastating news for City. #mcfc #mancity #mufc #manutd

I love Ole but not as a #MUFC manager, period. #MUNLIV

#mufc fans can hate José Mourinho all they want, but he conceded 28 goals with Jones and Smalling at the back. Ole is terrible. Man Utd’s defensive ranks this season: Clean sheets - 18th Tackles per game - 20th Errors leading to shots - 20th

If u work with a manc then today u should crucify the bastard haha #lfc #mufc

Salah could be the best in the world. But when will we see the likes of a Messi, Ronaldo or Maradona again? It couldve been Mbappe, if he wasnt still testing himself in a piss poor league. #PSG #LFC #MUFC

Ten Hag will be another long term project. I don’t know whether he’ll deliver since day one. Utd cannot afford this shit. They need a proven manager more than ever #mufc Has to be Conte or Zidane.

Is there an email address for Ole? Wonder if he'll be up to advise on a formation that will suite his players? We played 5-3-2 against PSG,solid, we played 5-3-2 yesterday for the rest of the game and seemed a bit more composed. Maybe that's the way forward? #mufc @ManUtd

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