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Everyone saying that they listened to #PebbleBrain so and so many times, ALL OF YOU ARE ROOKIE NUMBERS TO ME! /lh Been listening to the EP almost non stop over 20h

i have been listening to #pebblebrain all morning because i can’t get it out of my head and every time i try to listen to something else my brain says no

Choose your fighter Matching lovejoy themed profile pictures! If you use them, tag me :D #lovejoy #pebblebrain #areyoualright #lovejoyfanart

Top five Pebble brain songs in my opinion 1. Concrete 2. You’ll Understand When You’re Older 3. Perfume 4. It’s All Futile ! It’s All Pointless ! 5 The Fall 6.everything else :) summary: stream Pebble Brain Total: all songs are bomb 10/10 Hotel: trivago #pebblebrain

i have had pebble brain on repeat since release, it’s one of the best things i’ve ever heard <3 #lovejoyfanart #lovejoy #pebblebrain

LOVEJOY SUPREMACY 😩 Finally got to listen to Pebble Brain with my bsfs & I’m way too excited about it ITWASSOGOOD. The rewrite of; It’s all futile! It’s pointless! Tho- MMMM that made me so happy. Will be listening on loop now 🤚#pebblebrain @LVJYonline

Did I just went to the roof to blast #pebblebrain to all my neighborhood? Yeah Did I just made the #lovejoy logo on my roof with concrete white rocks? And I’ll do it again 👑👍🏼 @LVJYonline man I was there for an hour, hope u enjoy

Ok if there was something that could be worked on in the album I would say that maybe make Wilbur's voice more audible 'cause the instruments and his voice are fighting unlike in the other ep it was just right but other than that the ep is just absoloutley amazing #pebblebrain

a bit of a lovejoy design i made while messing around on photoshop, but then turned into a painting :D #lovejoyfanart #lovejoy #pebblebrain

And the ramblers will say "It's got a marvelous view" #lovejoy #pebblebrain #lovejoyfanart baby's first ever poster graphic design is my passion

The new #pebblebrain ep is so fucking good. I've been streaming it non stop since it has dropped. Lovejoy is an incredible band, they are my biggest inspiration for playing guitar and bass. I've already learned 'Perfume' on guitar, Im obsessed. Keep it up, it sounds splendid!! <3

"Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry" is the best titled song in #pebblebrain and you cant change my mind. It's just so funny to me

guys look i TOTALLY animated the ENTIRE song and didnt definitely leave it very unfinished at all! :D ...i'll prolly finish later ngl designs by @SAD_istfied (sorry for the long intro also pleas untag in replies) #lovejoy #pebblebrain #lovejoyfanart #pebblebrainfanart

i am 100% convinced tommys the one screaming in perfume u cant tell me otherwise #pebblebrain

I love “Oh yeah, you gonna cry?” from the #pebblebrain EP by Lovejoy-

@LVJYonline #pebblebrain decited to be 1. on trending in Croatia today, cant say im surprised

Convinced my father to play #Pebblebrain on our Bluetooth speaker 😳 gonna get the whole family into it

Listen I love the Fall too but I literally can’t stop listening to You’ll Understand When You’re Older #pebblebrain

#pebblebrain Okay but concrete though, like please

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