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Mama Dupnack got a little TV time, the first box office manager 50 years ago @PineKnobMusic @FOX2News #pineknob

Went vintage shopping today and this #Pineknob t-shirt was $50. It wasn’t selling but I got a feeling it will be sold soon because of the name change. #Detroit #DTEMusicTheatre…

My fellow Detroit & Michigan people know what I’m talking about! #PineKnob

MASQUERADE TAKES THE STAGE TODAY FROM 3-7 PM AT PINE KNOB This afternoon in the Off The Wall Lounge. Al and Glen bring the full rock band to entertain skiers, boarders, and non-skiers alike. #SkiPineKnob #Masquerade #PineKnob

#DavidCassidy’s 50th anniversary of the inaugural show at #PineKnob is later this year on 25 June. The first half of this video is clips from that concert… Score one for music and memories and the way they shape our lives (without corporate labels) #PineKnob #MusicIsLife

Happy Saturday all. This just made my day the other day. Rock n roll! Can't wait for Summer. #pineknob 🙌 🍻…

As a couple of people who only knew it as DTE when we lived in Michigan, we’re getting “I still call it DTE” shirts. #PureMichigan #DTE4Life #PineKnob…

@MadeInDetroit91 Haven’t lived in Michigan for 20+ yrs but have great memories of @BobSeger selling out multiple nights in the 80’s. Probably favorite concert was the first one I attended w/ high school buddies: @RobertPlant in 1987, I believe #pineknob

Check out some of these Blast from the Past photos, as #PineKnob returns.....…

Telemark Demo Day starting at 9 AM with group ski at 11 AM & 1 PM, NASTAR races today, 1-3 PM, and Live Music in the Off the Wall Lounge from 3-7 PM. Skiing & Snowboarding ALL DAY, we're open from 9 AM to 10 PM. #SkiPineKnob #SkiMichigan #GoSkiMichgian #SkiPureMichigan #PineKnob

They spent years telling musicians to stop calling DTE "Pine Knob", even threatened them. Now look. #pineknob

@freep Doobie Brothers! It was summer of 1978 and I went with friends from high school. Sat on the hill breathing in that “fragrant” air! Oh Blackwater, keep on rollin! Many more awesome concerts after that!! #pineknob #foreveryoung

@LeakHonesty Raining so we BNLd 🎶 From the closed cinnamon almond tent ⛺ First kiss 🥰 #PineKnob

A tribute to the return of #PineKnob by revisiting some of my favorite shows there; Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, The J. Geils Band & The Moody Blues! #Oscoda #Alpena #EastTawas #AuSable #WestBranch #Flint

To you Michiganders, Pine Knob is Back, dte is out. #PineKnob #Party

Rock Festival headlining David Lee Roth. My first concert without a family member. Buddy had tixs and his GF canceled on him. David shot alcohol at the crowd and it was in the Free Press the next day. My mom got super pissed that 17 yr me might have got some alcohol 😂 #PineKnob

For the record I’ll still feel like a dinosaur anytime I say #PineKnob

It never stopped being Pine Knob to me. #pureMichigan #PineKnob

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