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And if you are wondering 'what is @annasimsbiol doing right now and is it as awesome as all this would suggest' the answer is (a) she's at a conference and (b) obviously, yes #proudsupervisor

Delighted to report that @JaimieFreeman passed her viva yesterday with flying colours. Many congratulations Jaimie, so well deserved. And from our perspective never in any doubt! #proudsupervisor @ginasue @ChrysanthiP…

Ka pai @HowardMaxwell15! Amazing effort on your #PhD oral defence on Quorum Sensing and #CRISPR-Cas: bacterial kōrero meets cell defence. #proudsupervisor @microtago @otago

Congratulations Luke 🙌 It’s been a pleasure to support you through your PhD. Enjoy the celebrations 🥳 #ProudSupervisor #LBUPGR…

Thrilled to witness my PhD student's @riyanaik07 outstanding poster presentation today! It's an honor to be her supervisor and support her on this exciting journey. #ProudSupervisor #bitspilani #ScienceDay #OpenDay #FoundationDay

Anne Henriksen will be presenting her interesting new research and defending her PhD thesis on 'Enacting AI: Going behind the construction and emergence of predictive system' on Friday 24th March 1-3 PM CET #proudsupervisor @AnneHenriksenDK @AarhusUni_int @AUDatalab…

Days like today are just the best. Both @Ellie_L_Bradley and @mercerocafort have had their PhD thesis placed on the Dean's List of Exceptional Doctoral Theses at @MasseyUni! Congratulations Ellie and Merce - very well deserved! #ProudSupervisor 🎉🎉

@LauraWimberger submitted her PhD thesis!! 🥳 Although she is always super modest, she should be really proud of the fantastic job she has done with it all. Now she can relax (...for a few weeks!) #ProudSupervisor #ozchem

Some great official photo's from the @LPItoday Student Awards Ceremony on Tuesday. Congrats again to my students @nsc0012 and @vidhyaganeshr93 on receiving Career Development Awards to attend #LPSC2023 @westernuEarth #proudsupervisor 😀

Congratulations @mark_stitch_ on passing his PhD viva today. A very happy day for the @QuinnGroupUCD. And a very #proudsupervisor. Huge thanks to examiners Steve Meech, & to @keene_chemistry & @EORResearch as chair. 🎉👏

RT @MattDerry90: 🚨#proudsupervisor alert🚨 I am delighted to announce that PhD student @GeorgiaLucyMai1 has been awarded the prestigious Armourers & Brasiers’ Prize for outstanding research in the field of Material Science at @AstonUniversity! 🏅@ArmourerBrasier @AstonEPS @CEA

🚨#proudsupervisor alert🚨 I am delighted to announce that PhD student @GeorgiaLucyMai1 has been awarded the prestigious Armourers & Brasiers’ Prize for outstanding research in the field of Material Science at @AstonUniversity! 🏅@ArmourerBrasier @AstonEPS @CEAC_Aston

Great team work by @ManfredManssen and @sabselscott to share more titanium catalysis - Accessing secondary amine containing fine chemicals and polymers with an earth-abundant hydroaminoalkylation catalyst - now published in Green Chemistry… #ProudSupervisor

Well today was exciting!! So proud to watch @SanjayPopat12 be interviewed about his research with #juniordoctors #ZDF #proudsupervisor @sam_farley3

Okay, now we’re really rolling! Anja explains the merits & challenges if her (complex) experimental designs by … well … basically acting out the design & outcome on stage ??!!? #ProudSupervisor #PhDone @sfubioceed #framifrå

Congratulations @kamalpott on being shortlisted for the @SETAC_AU photo competition. Make sure you click the link below to vote for this and other amazing photos! #proudsupervisor @deakinresearch @DeakinSEBE…

So it happened! #proudsupervisor moment. Well done Meredith! So happy and proud of you! @FergusNeville we’ve done well 👍🏼 and thank you @AndrewJWilliam3 for your amazing support! @StAndMedicine

When you train your new PhD student on #malaria parasite culture to infect #mosquitoes and after just two weeks they are already much better than you (I never had so many gametocyte in a slide!)🦠🧫🦟 #proudsupervisor @UofG_SBOHVM @VectorsGlasgow

I am thrilled to share that my registrars and fellows absolutely rocked their presentations at the AGES ASM! Their hard work, dedication, and passion for their work truly shone through, and I couldn't be prouder of them. #AGESASM2023 #ProudSupervisor #BrightFuture

Congratulations to our Dr Matthew Barker @pharmacyatQUB for passing his #phd viva today. Many thanks to Dr Lesley Smyth and Dr James Burrows for the examination and Dr @Justin_YTian for chairing the viva #ProudSupervisor #phdlife #phdjourney #PhinallyDone

Huge thanks to @ErickNBahena with support from Sofia Sirohey for key insights in catalyst substrate scope and catalyst decomposition to guide catalyst and reaction development moving forward. #proudsupervisor #ETMCatalysis…

@Fr_Strobino It’s the first talk on day three that is the one to look out for! #proudsupervisor

Visit Ella Lambert & Laurel Renton’s poster (#11) at #EdNeuroDay to see their preliminary findings in an ongoing #systematicreview of synaptic plasticity in transgenic Alzheimer’s models 🐁📊#ProudSupervisor

Exciting work from @_ciaramurphy_ presented at @mypsanz this week- following up on one of our fav molecules SPINT1 and it’s role in placental biology. #ProudSupervisor @PSANZ_ECR @MercyPerinatal @MUMS_unimelb…

I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing teamwork and dedication displayed by the DINE Lab sensory girls. 🤩 They worked tirelessly to pack over 200 goody bags for our upcoming sensory studies. 🎁 See pics and we are looking for participants! #proudsupervisor

@wiekevink @HabVIUK_org_uk @MobilityMort @AliHollands1 It is - it shows that it can be done, and, also Kelly did a truly cracking job!! #ProudSupervisor

Sonia Llorente-Culebras's 1st PhD paper is out! We describe the publication trends of research done in protected areas worldwide. Few studies focus on Functional or Phylogenetic diversity, and there are taxonomic and geographic biases #proudsupervisor…

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