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i believe it was either on chaos day w/ #whentaylorswift or this love tv announcement w/ #showedupjustintime so maybe theyll finish that hashtag this friday and itll make a full sentence with an announcement

@idahoswiftie Tbf #whentaylorswift started from fans, TN could've created something off the back of it by adding #showedupjustintime but on the surface the first one was just a tiktok trend

Wait…🤡…#showedupjustintime is mentioned in the 1989 Tour during I Wish You Would (a part where she breaks out and says a little something). Is 1989 next?!?

my boss #showedupjustintime to watch taylor get her degree like not even joking she walked in right as they were about to talk about her and i was like aww man i’m gonna have to stop watching and then we watched the whole thing together :’) and she loved it

I've been struggling with this exact thing lately, and hearing Taylor's, excuse me, Dr. Swift's wise words hit me right in the heart. Once again, she shows up just when I need her.💖 So proud of you @taylorswift13 for blazing so many trails. @taylornation13 #showedupjustintime…

@taylorswift13 has always #showedupjustintime with the best lyrics, quotes, and one liners for me just when I needed it. Thanks for that incredible speech Dr. Swift 🥺❤️🥹 #wecandohardthings #NYU2022

@taylornation13 I was chatting with my bestie and she informed me..😘 Thanks to her a LOTT. #showedupjustintime

I've had one of the worst weeks of my life but @magsbish and I are going to see @taylorswift13 at the @Tribeca Film Festival! Once again Taylor #showedupjustintime@taylornation13

@1989tvalbum just wait til she #showedupjustintime next friday (that also adds up to 13) after getting her honorary doctorate and doing the nyu speech 😎

And just like that, the biggest swiftie clowning comes to an end. 😔 stay sharp soldiers… we’ll get something from swizzle eventually #FallonTonight #showedupjustintime #whentaylorswift #1989TaylorsVersion #TaylorSwift

The tonight show is my last hope. I think when TN tweeted the hashtags #whentaylorswift #showedupjustintime means she’s makes it right before midnight to make the announcement 👀

@Taylors_bitxch apparently he usually has three guests but only two have been announced. taylor adding the spaces between midnight, the hashtags #whentaylorswift #showedupjustintime, maybe she’ll show up just in time right before midnight on his show to announce something?

Silently hoping we can say Taylor #showedupjustintime and announce #1989taylorsversion on #FallonTonight 🤡🤡🤡

Just saw a too took about the hashtags #whentaylorswift #showedupjustintime and how Taylor swift is going to SHOW UP JUST IN TIME!!!! I know I'm clowning. I cannot possibly stay up another hour, but I NEED TO KNOW if something is dropping right at m i d n I g h t!!

Okay... but not trying to be loud but what if Taylor #showedupjustintime before 'm i d n i g h t' on The Tonight Show to announce #1989TaylorsVersion still on 13th May 🤯🕯👀

only 2 guests are announced for the fallon tonight show. he usually has 3. #showedupjustintime

If @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight is QUADRUPLING DOWN on his clowning, posting, re-posting & interacting with comments on instagram & tiktok with 1989 lyrics, then we shall all go down on this ship TOGETHER 🌀#whentaylorswift #showedupjustintime

Just minding my own business thinking about #whentaylorswift #showedupjustintime @ m i d n i g h t👀 Tell me it doesn’t make sense??

@taylornation13 Red (taylor's version) #showedupjustintime to accompany my sad, beautiful or tragic summer #swiftiesummer

Ricordiamoci anche di questo hashtag usato da taylor nation io ci credo #showedupjustintime

Here me out...What if @taylorswift13 #showedupjustintime at like 11:59pm on 5/13 since that's close to M I D N I G H T ? The days not over.... #clowning #ThisLoveTaylorsVersion ❤️

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