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Thanks @MarlbLitFest - our Litfest mentioned several times - check out 51 mins, when I discuss @Rosamundlupton's wonderful #ThreeHours…

Ok, so I have not been able to put this down and now I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for #ThreeHours. 😩 But also a horrific thriller of our moment.

#LatePost Clock struck 3:15p yesterday and it was a wrap for Chelle B! Your #JSUHomecoming Hotspot Co-Host & Alumni Picnic Line Dance Hour Host ✌🏽! #TwoGigs #ThreeHours #ItChelleBDone 🎙 👕: @Reed_Enterprise

One of the few english talks at #DevoxxFR this year was given by @piotrprz on "Java 16 & 17. What's new and noteworthy?" #DeepDive #ThreeHours #Enjoy…

@ArianaGrande see you tonight ! so excited for you to meet the rest of #teamariana #threehours

RTArianaGrande: see you tonight ! so excited for you to meet the rest of #teamariana #threehours…

@ArianaGrande see you tonight ! so excited for you to meet the rest of #teamariana #threehours

"Los veo esta noche! Muy emocionada de que conozcan al resto del ##teamariana #threehours" — Ariana vía Twitter en una nueva foto con los entrenadores de #TheVoice

Thank you @Rosamundlupton for a fascinating talk about #threehours @PenguinUKBooks 🤍🤍 Lovely to meet you (…was too busy clapping to take a pic on stage🤣). What a way to round off @MarlbLitFest 2021 ✨ Can’t wait for your next book! #lingerlongerwithbooks

Great talking to @Rosamundlupton today at @MarlbLitFest about her wonderful novel #threehours. Stage and green room photos by @phillips_ben

@MarlbLitFest @Rosamundlupton Great afternoon @MarlbLitFest listening to @Rosamundlupton about #threehours which I read as part of the Big Town Read. It was great to hear the process and research behind this gripping read thank you.

@Rosamundlupton's #ThreeHours hit me in the guts when I read it before its publication and I still rave about it now because it will talk to you. This is the world we live in.

Such a great variety of talks ⁦@MarlbLitFest⁩ today, really enjoying them all. ⁦@Rosamundlupton#threehours such a great choice for book club discussion #bigtownread@readingagency

Our #BigTownRead event is about to start with ⁦@Rosamundlupton#ThreeHours in conversation with ⁦@JSThrillers⁩ Lead sponsor ⁦@srkitchengarden⁩ Livestream sponsor ⁦@HiscoxUK

‘An emotionally devastating and beautifully observed literary thriller’ Observer #ThreeHours, the Sunday Times bestseller, is just 99p in ebook this month. Get your copy now:

Calling all #bookgroups #bookclubs! Still some live & online tickets available for our #BigTownRead on Sun 3 Oct at 4pm with @Rosamundlupton talking to @JSThrillers about her thriller #ThreeHours @VikingBooksUK Tickets: Lead sponsor @srkitchengarden…

Looking forward to talking to @Rosamundlupton about her brilliant #ThreeHours at this year’s @MarlbLitFest on Sunday 3 Oct.…

Hey @DiscountTire how long does it take to put on 4 tires?? The level of incompetence is astounding!!!! #floruduh #threehours

A school under siege for 3 hours in rural England. The identity of the gunmen is revealed early on but @Rosamundlupton managed to keep the #book pacy. Terrorism, twitter, dark net and regular references to Macbeth, all coming together to show the power of love. #ThreeHours

Dropping a package you know we’re coming out lavish. For the first time started smoking on that cabbage. Yeah keeping, keeping up so we leveling up. #Announcement #comingsoon #threehours

Open minded ka ba? Tara ang 300 mo, gawin natin 3 hours! DM lang if interested 🤭🤭🤭 #openminded #threehundred #threehours #altercebu #cebualter

@SueHincks now you're not Head any more I can recommend #threehours by Rosamund Lupton. About gunman attacking a school, the Head is shot and dragged into the school library by Sixth formers. Literally read it in 3 hrs but is the stuff of nightmares! 😱 Think you'd enjoy.

Book clubs and book groups! There's still time to read this year's #BigTownRead: #ThreeHours by @Rosamundlupton @VikingBooksUK Dive on in - it's a thrilling read... Join Rosamund at a live/online event on Sun 3 Oct at 4pm; tickets on sale tomorrow! Info:

வாரத்தில் 3 மணி நேரம் மட்டுமே கேம் விளையாட அனுமதி: சீனாவில் கட்டுப்பாடு #china #onlinegame #Threehours

@rosieandrews22 I don’t know why I hadn’t picked it up before, it’s stunning. I’d also highly recommend - #BeforeYouKnewMyName, #LastOneAtTheParty, #IfIDieBeforeIWake, #ThreeHours,#TheLastThingToBurn, #TrueCrimeStory - if you haven’t read them!

Means such a huge amount that teachers recommend 'Three Hours' - thank you! @teacherhugradio #ThreeHours…

Guys… THIS BOOK 😱 …my heart has been POUNDING since I started reading... ‘Thriller’ is the understatement of the year!! #Unputdownable #GlassBellAward #ThreeHours @Rosamundlupton

@AntrimLens @RTEOne The same that scheduled Deerhunter at 11 last night #threehours

@Rosamundlupton I have just finished reading #ThreeHours; I need a few minutes to gather myself. What an incredible story, incredibly well-written. I will recommend to all my reader friends, as I always do your books. Keep it up! And thank you.

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