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#Trump is a most dangerous person. We don’t need a #RINO who also embraces anti-democracy leans into incompetency.

@Liz_Cheney @SpeakerMcCarthy @HouseGOP For Sure ✔️ The Republican Party Faustian pact with Donald #Trump, the product of the tea party movement has killed the GOP it’s the #MAGA Party now Trump set up a new political party, the GOP would lose 55% of your base straight away Sure it would win them back over time 🕰️

@1Nicdar The next President of the United States #BigMike and the guy who will be really running the show under the same roof #Obama. She/he/it will likely get 91 million votes over #Trump's 83 million...only this time those numbers may be legit.

@mercedesschlapp Honey like it or not #Israel is not without blame under the leadership @IsraeliPM Bibi is not a good leader. Now like #Trump he is using political power to help with his massive legal problems. @mercedesschlapp

🇻🇪 Mientras tanto #Trump reparte pizza para obtener aceptación de la gente 😂

Bom dia! O desafio de compreender o que leva a humanidade aceitar figuras políticas como Donald Trump. Leia em… #Trump2024NowMorethanEver #Trump2024ToSaveAmerica #Trump

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE ?! 🤣🚨 #fetterman #fyp #comedy #trending #lmao #viral #biden #trump #wow Tik Tok / Instagram : @letsrantcomedy @bobbysrantfactory

@SenTuberville Dude Governing is your job. @SenTuberville @SenateGOP not playing protector for #Trump who is solely responsible for you not being in the majority

#DeSantis2024 got #Disney to back down b/c he didn’t give democrats what they wanted like #Trump & #Haley try to do. Conservatives, we need to WAKE UP & DO NOT COMPLY! We are a force. We need a leader who will deliver us these wins over the left for us & our children.

She is not wrong on her assessment. #GOP Presidential Candidate Says #Trump Used To Be Good On Foreign Policy But Is Now 'Weak In The Knees' Over Ukraine - Benzinga…

#mohammed6 #mohamed6 #roidumaroc #Maroc #trump Petit rappel quand sa majesté Mohamed 6 n'apprécie pas quelqu'un il le montre même si c'est le président des USA ... LE MAROC n'a peur que de dieu

@simonateba 🤬🤬🤬 THINK IF #TRUMP HAD DONE SUCH A THING‼️ WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED⁉️ @JoeBiden 🤡🤥👉🏻💩 @POTUS F U C |< 🫵🏻 CORRUPT 👉🏻💩‼️‼️ #FJB ‼️

@lindeman126 @GuntherEagleman Remember the #Republican #COVID19 deaths. Nothing matter more than #Trump misleading his own people and the increase in Republican fatalities it caused.…

#trump is more girly than me he wears a lot of facial makeup all he needs is a wig and he'll be in drag oh wait doesn't he have a wig LOL…

"Low life commies..." @RightKingTodd? That just says to 'intelligent' people @RightKingTodd... that you've allowed yourself to be "brainwashed." If being a 'commie' means opposing #Trump giving "$2 trillion" in tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires makes us commies?…

New Hampshire: @JoeBiden +69 in the primary and +12 in the general. This is more proof that POTUS should be running in the NH Democratic Primary Election instead of ignoring it. #FITN #Election2024 #NHPolitics #Biden #Trump…

.@GOP ***NOTICE OF HOSTILE GOP TAKEOVER*** Dear 2023/24 Republican Party. In 2016 you did a good thing for America by voting #Trump in. He was a political wrecking-ball who created enough instability in America’s culture and in its Institutions for real change to set in. But……

Wow. #Google is starting to sound like #Trump. Whine whine whine (all while BEING FCKING EVIL)…

@POTUS I eas thinking that nobody could be worst than #Trump as President of the United States, but actually i realize that a coward president is much worst than Trump..

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