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🚨BREAKING: @tasbnews threatens to sue schools that leave. They’re scared. They should be. H/t @NateSchatzline #txlege #txed

“Superintendents are getting rich at taxpayer expense.” ~@JamesQuinteroTX @TPPF Time to rein in supersized superintendent salaries? Texas School Superintendent Salaries Continue to Soar… @TexasScorecard #TxEd #TXLege

I call on @HarrisCountyRP to pass a resolution removing vouchers from the platform. It is not a conservative principle, it’s a liberal and socialist one. We need representation that supports public schools and is for reforming the accountability system. #txed #txlege…

@TPCSAnews I'm a public charter school teacher/parent. We're a part of the community! #HB1707 is about simple fairness, treating ALL public schools equally. There shouldn't be anything controversial about that. #txcharterswork #txed #txlege @RepKeithSelf

@TPCSAnews I'm a public charter school teacher. We're a part of the community! #HB1707 is about simple fairness, treating ALL public schools equally. There shouldn't be anything controversial about that. #txcharterswork #txed #txlege @RepColinAllred

At the ❤️of our education system are the teachers who inspire our students. We must invest in TX teachers & support them through compensation, meaningful professional development, & strong mentorship programs. #teachervoice #InvestinTxEd #txlege #txed ➡️…

Now it’s time for the state legislature to fund public school safety. 4 years ago, a bill providing $50/student for safety was changed to $9.72. #txlege is talking about raising that school safety allotment to $10. Seriously?! #txed @GovAbbott @DadePhelan @DanPatrickTX…

Thank you for inviting me to discuss this important legislation and the impact it will have on student achievement, teacher retention, and parental empowerment. #txlege #txed…

A resource for Teachers and Principals in Texas implementing HB 4545, who need to schedule and track student attendance for supplemental accelerated instruction, #txed #teachertwitter

Thank you @BradBuckleyDVM for speaking to our Chamber Advocacy Committee. HB 1605 raises the level of rigor in the classroom to better equip teachers and help kids perform at a higher level. #txlege #txed

@TXEDMod A4- Take time for yourself. This is a busy time of year. Teachers and students are getting tired and burned out. I would say set aside some time for yourself to relax in order to take a breath. #TXed

@TXEDMod A3- I think leading by example and being encouraging. Sometimes the best words are actions, and by leading by example could be beneficial. Also reminding students they are not alone in their hard times #TXed

Rural communities in Texas are being decimated by a lack of job opportunities because workers lack the skills employers need. With Education Savings Accounts, parents would be able to enroll their kids in programs that teach a trade or provide career training. #txed #txlege

@TXEDMod A2- I believe perseverance is a very important skill. There will be days where you might not be feeling your best. You can't just give up. Although it will be difficult, finding ways to push through these road blocks is crucial #TXed

$1,000 minimum increase to the Basic Allotment - $900 of that is just to keep up with inflation! Schools don't have the option to raise more revenue when inflation soars. Its up to our legislature. #fullyfundsbisd #txed #txlege…

@TXEDMod A1- Personally, perseverance is pushing through difficult situations in order to achieve a goal. A example of this would be my 2nd grade teacher. Sadly she was diagnosed with cancer. She was offered a leave of absents but decided to finish the year. #TXed

Yes! Let’s celebrate the many opportunities to experience music in our @CyFairISD schools! @CFISD_FineArts! #PublicSchoolProud #txed #txlege…

Interesting story from @AP about the cost to districts and effects about fake school shooting threats, which have become more common. #txed…

ICYMI… Feds bust @NavasotaISD teacher Daniel Byrd for distributing child porn via Kik chat groups. Details:… @TexasScorecard #TxEd

Learning about the power of student work and practicing collaboratively analyzing and taking collective action on our second day of Coaching Teams! #our13story #educoach #txed

@SenatorNichols The only thing that should be going on is passing #SB8. Do whatever you like after. #txlege #txed #SchoolChoice #SchoolVouchers

The 3rd highest paid superintendent on the list is @YsletaISD's @DeXavierluke. In 2022-23, he pulled down $442,605 in salary alone. Per, just 51% of students in the district can read at or above grade level. #txlege #txed @TPPF

Our students are more than 32 questions on STAAR. Hear from Dr. Noyola @HarlingenCISD about our accountability system in Texas: #TxEd #TxLege #MeasureWhatMattersTX

The next highest paid superintendent in Texas is Gregory Poole at @BHISD. Despite the school having less than 7,500 kids, his base salary totals $466,062. In the past, Dr. Poole has been at the center of a serious Ch. 313 controversy. #txlege #txed @TPPF…

Went to @HuttoHighSchool today to learn about the district’s proposed $522M bond, which would add capacity to the quickly growing schools. For example, band is being held in the library this year. #txed #austinschools

@HoustonISD Fresh Air This Weekend? 3-Months of HIGH CO2 Levels in Multiple CLASSROOMS at #Elementary #School. @HoustonChron Exposé Published! (@FOX26Houston previously aired) #HISD Ignored Teachers Warnings! Students/Teachers Report illnesses! #Houston #TEA #TxEd…

The highest paid superintendent in the State is @SuptMarkHenry at @CyFairISD. In 2022-23, he received more than $521,000 in salary alone. Two days ago, he, along with @CFISDCLC, petitioned residents to ask #txlege for more 💰💰💰. #txed @TPPF…

NEW: @teainfo posts superintendent salary data for the 2022-23 school year. Here are the top 10 highest paid administrators in Texas. #txlege #txed @TPPF

As a former principal, I know the reality MANY teachers face making ends meet. Our friends at @CharlesButtFdn found that 52% of #txed teachers work a 2nd job. Teachers, post your thoughts and let #txlege know how this affects you & your community. #TeacherVoice #UnderTheDome

Teachers are spending 7+hrs/week finding materials for their lessons. It’s no wonder the Teacher Vacancy Task Force found unsustainable workloads are leading to burnout. Let's provide teachers with high-quality instructional materials that reduce their workload. #TxEd #TxLege

If you have a board election in May, make sure that you are eligible to vote. If not, make sure to register to vote by April 6. Remember, good governance makes a big difference for your local public schools. #txed…

Findings from @TheBushCenter and @Texas2036 State of Readiness report reveal that low-income eighth grade students in #Texas may miss out on $104 billion in future earnings. Read more at #txed #education

No, it is to protect our children from your woke ideology that has metastasized in all of our schools and cultural institutions. #txlege #txed #SchoolChoice #SchoolVouchers…

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