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HB 5239: Relating to costs associated with the destruction of certain deer.… #txlege

It’s a great day to have a great day of advocacy! I’m so excited to be joining Down syndrome groups from across Texas today to ask the #txlege to fund community based services and to support inclusive policies. #worlddownsyndromeday…

A House Criminal Justice subcommittee is considering three proposals on civil asset forfeiture reform this morning from @RepMattSchaefer, @RepHaroldDutton and @VoteAnnJohnson. #txlege

Happening now: #txlege Senate Committee on Criminal Justice hearing bills.…

Totally agree! This is a great bill by @BradBuckleyDVM to improve transparency & quality in our education system which will improve student outcomes. #txlege #txed…

HB 5238: Relating to procedures for identifying defendants suspected of having a mental illness or intellectual disability.… #txlege

It is a packed house in Public Education this morning! On the agenda is the topic of library books in public schools. #txlege

This week, I had the opportunity to testify before the House Energy Resources Committee on all we’re doing at the @txrrc and the state of the oil and gas industry across our state. Thank you, Chairman @GoldmanCraig and Vice Chair @moralesfortexas, for the invitation. #txlege

@half_a_100k @scottbraddock @GregAbbott_TX The private school chooses. Taxpayers have zero input or power. It's a scam. No private school welfare. #txlege

. @BradBuckleyDVM lays out HB 1605, calls it his priority legislation for the session. #txlege #txed

@KingForTexas⁩ ⁦@brianeharrison#txlege@RepArrington⁩ ⁦@mtgreenee⁩ ⁦@RepThomasMassie⁩ ⁦@RandPaul⁩ ⁦@tedcruz⁩ The animal viruses they’ve always injected us with is what caused cancer. NONE of the vaccines are

There are equity issues with #SB4 and the Senate tax cut package. #txlege Finance Cmte chair can request a "tax equity note" (Senate Rule 7.09(g)) to show the effect on the distribution of taxes on families and business. This is key info! Don't Vote Without a Note!

HB 5237: Relating to the disclosure of certain contributions, expenditures, and gifts between local government officers and vendors.… #txlege

The Texas Border is not secure. We need to declare an invasion to repel entry, return those who cross the border to the other side, and finish Donald Trump’s wall. #txlege…

Thankful for the great work for @BradBuckleyDVM and his team on HB 1605. It has enormous potential to improve student outcomes in our state. #txed #txlege…

Where are Texas' private schools? This question plays into how rural Republicans are approaching the fierce debate over voucher-like programs. #txed #txlege Explore @jkteoh's map here:…

@MomsAGAbbott @fabalasays Well, I, and millions of other Americans read a variety of books and it sounds like you are making judgments on what people read - just like #txlege

7-12 hours searching for curric. texts. Yep! And if you work in a primarily black/brown student body it is even harder #txlege to find quality text because the lack of cultural relevance impedes teaching foundational skills. @charliegeren

Our #TXRPC Project health policy report on the SNAP Vehicle Value Limits provides facts and recommendations for improving SNAP Vehicle Value Limits. Read more to see what our policymakers can do to improve health for Texans: #TXlege

Why does Texas need HB 1605? The data is clear: Investing in high-quality curriculum is a high ROI strategy to improve student outcomes and teacher quality of life. #txlege #txed Learn more:…

HB 5236: Relating to regulations and policies for entering or using a bathroom or changing facility in a public school.… #txlege

#HB900, the READER Act, by @JaredLPatterson addresses the rising concerns among Texas parents of sexually explicit and inappropriate literature infiltrating public schools. The #READERAct puts parents back in charge of the materials distributed to their children #TxLege

ROC Senior Fellow @CohenAtTPPF testifies today in support of HB 69/928 Civil Asset Forfeiture -“the lack of procedural safeguards that attends a CRIMINAL allegation which exists solely within the CIVIL court.” #txlege Watch here…

Bright and early! In House Public Education this morning. Just testified on HB 166 regarding educational representatives for students w disabilities to request that the process in the bill for districts to appoint an individual be clearer. #txed #txlege

💰🏡How do the leading #propertytax relief proposals making their way through #txlege stack up for Texas taxpayers? We've got you covered ⤵️…

Given that Texas produces the most wind energy of any State and the heart of that industry is here in the panhandle and so many Texas Tech graduates work in the field, you would think our Governor would be more supportive. #txlege……

Our organization's volunteers - from our board of directors to governance councils - are medical professionals that are experts in all fields of radiology. Learn more about our organization by visiting #txlege

HB 5235: Relating to regulations and policies for entering or using a bathroom or changing facility in a public school; authorizing a civil penalty, authorizing a private civil right of action.… #txlege

Texas’ big water challenges affect everyone—and everyone needs to help address them. “If those water needs aren’t addressed…businesses won’t be able to operate in Texas,” said Taylor Keys @TexanbyNature #txlege #txwater…

"Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and four Republican members of the Legislature — Phelan, Hall, Burrows and Rep. Ryan Guillen, chairman of the House committee that will hear all gun-related proposals, declined to discuss the findings of this story or did not respond." SHAME. #txlege…

HB 5234: Relating to election integrity and security, including by preventing fraud in the conduct of elections in this state; authorizing a penalty, increasing a penalty.… #txlege

My visit from Susan Harper, Consul General of Canada in Dallas, to our District office gave us the opportunity to discuss areas where we can work together for the sake of economic gains in our state. Thanks for stopping by! #txlege #District109

Senate Education moved SB 16 to the higher ed subcommittee for a hearing on Thursday. Imagine how this one will be enforced:… #txlege #txed

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