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Good new is that 2 of my 4 classes on Tuesday are online. The other 2 I can afford to skip so I will be chasing the enhanced risk with some other Ulm guys. #ulmcrew is officially in chase mode! @marcusreynold19 @SchlobohmAsa @GolemanChase

It's great to share time with such an amazing team! Thank you for your generosity and for making me feel at home! Alexander, Lukas, Frank, Holger #greatpeopleinside #germanyrocks #limburgcrew #bonncrew #ravensburgcrew #ulmcrew #mengencrew #sindelfingencrew

@its_Lawrence_ @lindseyowenss @Britt_Paige_15 y'all my mains 👊. #ULMcrew

RT @JamalDanley_ULM My #ULMCREW @_s_a_v_a_g_e_ , @AlecOsborne_89 & @Watev_Tev !!!!

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