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The Three Rivers Elementary School playground in @PascoSD1 was recognized as the ninth-best inclusive school playground in the country. There are options for all kinds of students with a range of abilities. @KarleeVNews @TriCityHerald #WAedu

Why does math matter so much? The @chronline dives into that question and how Chehalis teachers are doing the work to boost students’ math skills and future success.… #WAedu #PlanYourPath #CredentialEssential

Free @edvoters webinar 4/6 - We take a closer look at a few potentially impactful budget provisos that advocates hope to secure funding for as #WAleg settles into the budget negotiation process. Register now.… @ACLU_WA @SELforWA @ArcofKingCounty #WAedu

COP is proud to be part of the bill signing for SB 5079, which adjusts the tuition-setting date, helping WA students & families better understand college costs. Special thanks to Sen. John Braun, @EWUEagles and @WWU for your support. #waedu #waleg

All school staff can play a role in supporting students on their education-to-career path. Learn more about the High School and Beyond Planning process: #PlanYourPathWA #WATeachLead #WAedu @AWSP_Principals @waOSPI @WACSTP @ReadyWA

How does Washington state law protect students who identify as transgender or gender-expansive from discrimination? What are gender-inclusive schools? We've answered these questions and more 👇. #TransgenderDayOfVisibility #TDOV #WAedu…

“The decline in postsecondary enrollment contrasts with the increasing economic need for credentialed workers in WA.” Read more about the ongoing enrollment crisis in our latest report: ➡️ #Pathto70 #WAedu #CredentialEssential #Student #Education

A bill focused on supporting proven alternative practices to restraint and isolation of students in WA schools failed to move forward on Wednesday. The bill moved through the House and got stuck in the Senate.… @NSwabyKing5 @disrightswa #WAedu #WAleg

What can legislators do for students this session? Support opportunities for advising/counseling, food and housing, and tutoring, so more WA students can pursue their dreams after high school. Let your lawmakers know ➡️… #Pathto70 #WAedu #waleg

Clark College honors Vietnam veterans 50 years after withdrawal of US troops. #waedu…

@WAParamountDuty So many schools & districts making hard choices to cut programs & staff because #waleg refuses to fund SPED, 7 period day, pay for basics like school nurses & counselors, so districts are forced to use what is left of their local levy money to try cover them. #waedu

House chair’s 2023 supplemental operating budget would reduce 2021–23 appropriations by $804 million (and what’s happening with K–3 class size compliance?) #waleg #waedu…

A bill focused on supporting proven alternative practices to restraint and isolation of students in WA schools failed to move forward on Wednesday. The bill moved through the House and got stuck in the Senate. @NSwabyKing5 @disrightswa #WAedu #WAleg

Week 12 Legislative Education Updates (for busy educators) written by Samantha Miller. Read the March 31st report at #WAedu #WAleg

Over the next six years, the Washington state capital gains tax is expected to raise $2.5 billion of revenue, which has already been earmarked for public education from pre-K to college. @BySamanthaWest @waOSPI @KUOW @washingtonea @LarryDelaneyWEA #WAedu

When good intentions make bad policy, salary regionalization edition. #waleg #waedu 1/?

Oklahoma bans abortions without any exceptions for rape, incest. Children can be forced to bear children - no "choice" for them! SO "forward-thinking". JFC you 🤡. 🙄#waleg #waedu

Next week, up to 45 students in foster care will attend the Strong Voices Youth Arts Academy. Over the course of the week, they will engage with a variety of art forms, including music, theater, visual art, poetry, & dance. #WAedu #ESSERImpact @ptcentrum…

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement that enables every student to discover the different career options they are interested in. For resources to help your child plan their future check out our video: #WAedu

In today's Ed Lab newsletter, we're pleased to introduce our new @seattletimes education reporter, Claire Bryan! Please send her your tips, story ideas and a warm welcome to Seattle. #waedu…

Kenji Linane-Booey: Legislature needs to end isolation and restraint in schools… @spokaneschools @ACLU_WA @disrightswa #WAedu

Running Start & AP classes both allow HS students to earn college credit. Ready WA student storyteller Summer writes in her blog about her experience with both. ▶️… #StudentStories #CredentialEssential #WAedu

#DYK: WA is one of only 19 states that explicitly protects LGBTQ+ students in public schools from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. #WAedu

CHOICE Academy in @HighlineSchools is one of the state’s first mastery-based learning collaborative members! This week student agency and assessments were discussed. Learn more about the collab:… #waedu #mblc #mblcollaborative

The Washington state House and Senate have released their 2023-2025 biennial budgets. See how their education proposals compare with @GovInslee’s budget proposal in our @edvoters side-by-side.… #WAleg #WAedu @waOSPI @WA_SBE @ReadyWA @educationlab

Thank you to Rep. Alex Ybarra for meeting with @SBCTCWashington members today. We greatly appreciate your strong support for community & technical colleges & the students we serve. #waedu #waleg

Every single one of these "forward-looking" states have enacted total bans on abortion or heavily restrict women from having bodily autonomy. At least 2 of them just changed child labor laws so kids can be do more dangerous work at younger ages. 🙄 #waleg #waedu

Thank you to the @College_Success for the partnership with YVC to make this happen! #waedu

.@edvoters Action Alert - Tell #WAleg to equip our education system with proven strategies to support students who exhibit challenging behaviors by funding House Bill 1479. Take action now. @disrightswa @ACLU_WA @SELforWA @ArcofKingCounty @TeamChild #WAedu

From winter quarter 2023: "Yakima Valley College sees 15% enrollment increase". #waedu…

Wonderful presentation from @YakimaCollege leaders during today's @SBCTCWashington meeting. Spring quarter enrollments are up **19%** over spring 2022! #waedu

There are affordable college and career training opportunities for everyone. The first, best step is to apply for financial aid. Visit to learn more! #WAfinaid #WAedu

The crisis of stagnant or declining postsecondary enrollment – a concern even before the pandemic – is deepening at WA public two- and four-year colleges & universities. Let’s work together to meet students where they are. ▶️ #CredentialEssential #WAedu

Outstanding choice! I had the opportunity to work with Dr. May during his tenure at @EWUEagles. He will accomplish much at Bellevue & serve our state well. #waedu…

This week we testified on both the #waleg House and Senate's proposed 2023–25 biennial operating budgets to highlight the importance of investing in student basic needs and financial aid—especially the Washington Student Loan Program. Here's what's at stake 💰📚⤵️ #waedu

@ChehalisSD @CCBlazers & other partners have worked together for a decade to prepare all students for postsecondary education. A new regional partnership grant from @WSACouncil will take Chehalis’ efforts to the next level: #Pathto70 #WAedu #WAleg @ESD113

Some bills that have apparently stalled out in the House Education Committee: 5054, on professional learning communities; 5180, the Sam Hunt bill on the Teacher Mobility Compact; and 5462, on inclusive learning standards. #waleg #waedu

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