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#waleg Russia to NATO: Bring Body Bags for Troops If They Enter Ukraine

@FuseWA @SierraClubWASt @climatesolution @FarmlandPNW EXACTLY and thank you Rep @jessdbateman. Unlike the @AWCities obese lobbyist, I respect time limits. With that, thanks again Rep. Bateman. Ditto my @FuturewiseWA pals I've made this #waleg session.

I love how the phrase "forward-looking" is now being applied to the most regressive of states in regards to how they treat women, POC, & LGBTQIA by those who have whored themselves out to the school #voucher movement. #waleg (NC GOP just introduced a total abortion ban - HB 533).

In his week 12 review, House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox discusses taxes and housing – including why increasing real estate excise taxes is a bad idea. He also highlights public safety and returning to a common-sense approach for vehicular pursuits and drug possession. #waleg

Here's more info on the school choice bill under consideration in North Carolina. It's universal. Scholarships will be based on income, with low-income families receiving the most. It's forward-looking, and let's parents choose the school their child will attend. #waleg…

Matt Hutchinson is here in support once again! We covered some of his comments at the previous #WALeg hearing:…

@shermanmicah @AvwriterJoe Yep, and #waleg caucuses are particularly secretive. We usually get a pretty good sense of what goes on inside Congressional caucus rooms. This is partly due to legislators' hostility to disclosure laws, and also due to the gutting of local journalism.

Big victory for transparency and government accountability!! #waleg…

@shermanmicah @cruickshank True, but there are always e-mails. I speak from experience, but I agree with you more transparency is needed in #waleg. That's why I'm a member of @WashingtonCOG!

So grateful to the Senate for passing HB1209 unanimously! This bill addresses the pressing of pills laced with fentanyl and other controlled substances and makes use of machines for that purpose illegal. A bust in WA last week says why this is needed. One pill can kill. #waleg

NOW: the public is giving comment on the middle housing bill #Homes4WA to allow more affordable types of homes like fourplexes to be built once again in Washington cities. The #WALeg Senate Ways & Means Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill next Monday (04/03). #HB1110

Oh hey #waleg while you’re busy killing bills that would fix isolation and restraint……

“I am very pleased at the Court’s ruling today. As I argued to the judge, the PRA is a cornerstone of rep. government - it ensures that the people can hold their public officials and institutions accountable,” said Jackson Maynard, CADF exec dir #waleg…

This impactful quote was given as part of testimony in last week's #DentalTherapy hearing in the Senate Health Care Committee. Help us keep up the momentum for #DentalTherapy at #WaLeg

Two years ago, #WALeg passed a law that extended overtime pay to agricultural workers, but now some Republican legislators are trying to roll back these protections. Agricultural workers deserve overtime pay just like everyone else!…

I had the pleasure of working with Jaime Martinez, one of Chavez's campaigners. We helped migrant workers in Yakima access medicines A very nice guy who told a moving story about his mom becoming an American citizen And I got to show him salmon - which he had never seen! #waleg…

Just one month left to go in #WaLeg and what are we excited about? @WAHouseDems proposed budget for one. Read more updates on our WA climate priorities on the CS blog:…

Whoa, here comes the great state of North Carolina passing a bill to fund students instead of systems! #waleg…

Today, we celebrate César Chávez —a farmworker and civil rights activist who co-founded the #NationalFarmWorkersAssociation. As we continue the fight for fair treatment and equal rights for agricultural workers, we find strength and inspiration in what Chavez accomplished. #WALeg

Today we defeated the Silent Majority Foundation’s attempt to block the ban on the manufacture of untraceable ghost guns. #waleg

@MercierOnPolicy @ag_wpc @MikeLindblom @MariyaFrost @NEWSGUYSULLY The @EcologyWA, the governor and others claim the tax on CO2 emissions isn't increasing gas prices. This shows: 1) They know it is. 2) The cost is very high and they want to hide the cost of their own policy. Incredible. #waleg

Mosbrucker said elevating the voices of survivors is another key aspect of fixing issues within the legal system. Learn more about bipartisan House Bill 1028 in this story. @Crosscut #waleg…

New bill - Improving the administrability of emissions exemptions and business practices under the climate commitment act.… #waleg @WAPolicyGreen @ag_wpc

3⃣ more weeks left in 2023 #waleg to pass: ➡️ban assault weapons ➡️10-day waiting period and safety training for all firearm purchases ➡️hold gun dealers and manufacturers responsible for harm…

Today, we celebrate César Chávez —a farmworker and civil rights activist who co-founded the #NationalFarmWorkersAssociation. As we continue the fight for fair treatment and equal rights for agricultural workers, we find strength and inspiration in what Chavez accomplished. #WALeg

Strong wind at the back for #CleanerTrucks. States want to help create market certainty industry needs for a #cleantransportation future. Thanks, @EPA for the waiver on CA’s standards, enabling more adoption nationwide! Let's go #WaLeg for MHD investments in 2023!

Please add your name to our growing list of voters concerned about the survival of farming in our state. ➡️ @GovInslee @WAStateGov #waleg #barnlights #savefamilyfarming

"YES [we] want electric trucks." Say no more #WaLeg can do just that by investing CCA funds towards med- & heavy-duty #zeroemission programs. @WAHouseDems already took care of it in their proposal!…

CADF wins public records lawsuit against OFM in governor’s office - judge awards penalties and attorneys fees and costs! More to follow but big victory for government transparency and accountability! #waleg

Victory! SSB 5028 has passed the House and is headed to the Governor’s desk to get signed into law! And what better day to announce this win for the community than on Trans Day of Visibility 🌈 #TransRightsWashington #TransRightsAreHumanRights #WALeg

@NeilsDiamond1 @juliecbarrett @CLofWashington She wouldn't even yield her time. She just was there to push their agenda; mutilating children. @senjoenguyen @MarkoLiias @JimWalshLD19 #Waleg @UWMedicine via #Seattle Children's.

Currently, there are z e r o electric drayage trucks in WA. There are over 900 on the road and ordered in CA. Why? They have an incentive program. It works. So, #WAleg, let's get this done. Let's help those who bring us the goods we use every day. 7/

#WAleg can help with Climate Commitment Act funds by investing in incentives for charging & parking, plus deliberate assistance specifically for smaller and independent owner-operators like Dawit and Sammy. @WAHouseDems budget holds this promise. 6/

It is more important than ever to be loud about our support for transgender & gender nonconforming people & here in Washington, we’ve got your back. #waleg #TransgenderDayofVisibility 3/3

& we’re protecting the health care providers who offer that care. We’re making it easier for trans people to seal court records after a name change to help prevent harassment or deadnaming. We’re protecting transgender youth seeking life-saving gender-affirming care... 2/3 #waleg

Today is #TransDayofVisibility! Here in #waleg we are proud to celebrate transgender & gender nonconforming people. While other states are considering hateful & discriminatory anti-trans legislation, we're fighting back to protect people who come here for gender-affirming care 1/

@dospueblos @WANewspapers @WashingtonCOG Interesting intent section: "Newspapers in Washington state have lobbied and editorialized for open public records, and fought attempts to rein in frivolous requests, costing local and state governments millions of dollars each year." #waleg

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