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Trevon Diggs has a better RPG APG AST/TOV SPG 3PG TS% FG% DFG% ORTG DRTG WS OWS DWS WS/48 BPM OBPM DBPM VORP PER than AJ Terrell this season. Statistically, it’s not close.

Criminally underrated on the national scene by a LARGE majority. I'm not even going to talk about his coverage skills. That's obvious. What really sets @ajterrell_8 apart is his tackling. Perfect angles. Helmet/shoulder pad placement is a beautiful thing to watch.…

@RedX21X @Eyassu4 @AhoyItsAJ @Landonstokes_5 @AtlantaFalcons @ajterrell_8 Cause of them damn cowgirls fans. They everywhere like a damn mosquitos

@MarkW_E01 @Damski32 Marcus Maye & Kyle Hamilton at Safety with AJ Terrell & Sauce Gardner at corner. Isaiah Oliver at NCB

yeah, he’s HIM. i’m sold. get this man on the falcons. him and AJ Terrell on opposite sides will be insane LSU CB Derek Stingley Highlights via @YouTube

@AtlantaFalcons @ajterrell_8 And y’all don’t sell his jersey 😔 falcons fan shop needs a makeover

Just a reminder @CameronCBlack disagreed with me when I thought AJ Terrell was the best pick for us in 2020

En retombant sur le profil de Ja’marr Chase que j’avais fait pour les rois @CafeCremeSport il y a presque un an, je revoit ça : En connaissant maintenant le joueur exceptionnel qu’est AJ Terrell, ça donne chauud 🥵

@AtlantaFalcons @ajterrell_8 Man a few of those tipped balls against the Buccs 🔥😤

@patsneed1more @wbznewsradio Only one of us has used a gif of a football player giving a creepy smile and he isn’t on either one of our favorite teams 🤔

@patsneed1more @wbznewsradio Ok but wait why does it matter if they get the vaccine if it doesn’t work? Also how does me specifically getting it stop them?

@Eyassu4 @AhoyItsAJ @Landonstokes_5 @AtlantaFalcons @ajterrell_8 Ok that’s true too. But at least he made all pro over Lattimore. He 100% should’ve gotten pro bowler over Lattimore also. Fan voting threw off the pro bowl selection.

I don’t really buy that Saleh won’t value corners highly. Other coaches from the Carroll tree drafted Jalen Ramsey 5th overall and AJ Terrell 16th overall. Their strategy at CB last year I think is just good any team policy, it’s a position to constantly take late round flyers at

Aj Terrell needs help in dat secondary! ima tweet dis everyday till draftday if i have to @AtlantaFalcons

@AtlantaFalcons @ajterrell_8 I knew he was gonna be a beast when we took him. Love his progress so far. Gonna be a 🔒 for years

Lowest completion percentage allowed (43.9%) 🔐 @ajterrell_8's top plays in 2021 ⤵️

@CDCarter13 I’ve already seen like 100 unironic “back in my day we went to school in 5 feet of snow” on my Facebook feed which reminded me to delete my Facebook

Even tho AJ Terrell is Better than him, Ain no hater. He’s not ass, I jus think he’s playin da wrong position.…

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