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@ChiSportsDay @VincentFrankNFL LMAO if anyone wants Justin Fields on a rookie deal they better send an All-Pro Qb And at least 2 firsts.

@BigBlueUnited I definitely agree with this. Cross is becoming my favorite tackle overall though I'd still slightly lean Neal because of his upside. I'd also be fine with Ekwonu at 7 and turning him into an All-Pro LG

@JulesNYC1 @BigBlueUnited While both picks weren’t top 10 picks. In 2006 NYJ selected D’Brickishaw Ferguson with the 4th pick and Nick Mangold with the 29th of the first round. Both players made multiple All-Pro teams and were cornerstones. Bottom line, if both OL hit, it’s a home run in a need area.

While we here All-Madden is insane lmao like all-pro is waaayyy too easy but all-madden requires damn near a blood sacrifice to win on. Ain’t no I’m between

Congrats to @CamHeyward and @Linsley71 for earning NFL All-Pro honors for the second year in a row‼️ #DevelopedHere

@TapJackson420 @GiantInsider 2 of those 3 guys are 1st team All-Pro caliber. The Giants haven’t had a 1st team All-Pro player on the roster since 2016. So yeah, it’s impressive that they were mid-late round finds.

The upside-down life of the Tennessee Titans’ All-Pro long-snapper

@AlexWilsonESM Only legit question I have is if a player that is considered to be an All-Pro for the next 10 years is available at 5 like Kyle Hamilton, do you take him and then an OL at 7? That’s a real dilemma.

@PFF_College Yet he was snubbed from the the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team lol

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@elijahernandez1 @PFF He made first team all-pro which is more important anyway

@APatentreger @_morticus @ryansmith1983 @DrewfromJersey Not even about him being All-Pro. You’ve never seen him play and at assuming he’s the exact same player with the same impact as Jamal. He’s Bigger, faster, stronger, and one of the best coverage safeties that’s come out in a while with the size and physicality to play in the box.

@CypressTalbert @Ok_Boomer11 @johnny_vicars @SharpFootball They turned Devondre Campbell into a freaking all-pro after Atlanta couldn’t make him more than an above average linebacker.

@JBAEZ6 @PackersHistory1 You also said Blake Martinez was an all-pro caliber linebacker.

@PrimeShon People bring up bad timing in 2011 and 2018 but forget the one time he was actually 1st Team All-Pro: 2006. LaDainian Tomlinson just happened to have arguably the greatest season by an RB in NFL history.

@BarbonNecaxista @49ers Creo que será imposible, deebo esta temporada fue all-pro por lo tanto asegura contrato de mínimo 10 millonsitos por año y creo que con eso no alcansaria para firmar un WR de exelente calidad como lo es Adams...

"The upside-down life of the Tennessee Titans' All-Pro long-snapper" via @espn #NFL #ESPN #NFLNews

No long snapper wants any attention especially during the playoffs but Morgan Cox @morgancox46 of the Titans gets the appropriate recognition for his upside-down existence The upside-down life of the Tennessee Titans' All-Pro long-snapper…

Great stuff! 49ers' Deebo Samuel created his own position: 'Wide back': While playing receiver, running back and, occasionally, quarterback, Samuel accounted for 15 total touchdowns on his way to earning first-team All-Pro honors.

@Justin4ocho @FuckingJets IMO, AVT already wins the trade. A future All-Pro O-Lineman vs a safety with issues. Now we get another 1st, icing on the cake.

I would love to see the All-Pro offense vs the All-Pro defense in a legit game instead of the Pro Bowl.

@WTF_Rodgers Yeah, that's why I put the emphasis on "in 2021" specifically. I know they're a great duo and have been for a couple years. But Campbell was First Team All-Pro this year and neither of them were First or Second Team. I hear you though, they're a fantastic duo!

@Pascual53874476 @RaidersBeat rebuild time? after a 10-7 season where they made it to the playoffs despite losing their HC, #1 WR, All-Pro TE for multiple weeks, and multiple other key pieces? Hardly. Keep Carr ($19.8M & final year of contract), get him a RT and a WR, extend Renfrow, Waller and Crosby.

And yet didn’t make all-pro first time 🤔🤔🤔…

@JSwartzmeyer You got it! Rams All-Pro WR Cooper Kupp! Well done!

The upside-down life of the Tennessee Titans’ All-Pro long-snapper :

@Rojer_Sanchez @keeeeeeet82 @zbryce21 Makes sense because Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks are all-pro WR’s 🤦🏽‍♂️.

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Devin White is an All-Pro, sideline-to-sideline type LB with speed. He likely spends most of his time against Tyler Higbee this weekend. That makes me want to fade, even at his price point.

Via ESPN - #ESPN #NFL #FantasyFootball "The upside-down life of the Tennessee Titans' All-Pro long-snapper"

Will be interesting to see which one of these guys the Jets pick in the sixth round who then turns into an All-Pro as a rookie.…

Knew this would get the haters going. Some context on Devin McCourty's "poor angles and tackling" this season. Missed tackles by safeties via @PFF: DMac - 7 Jordan Poyer (1st-team All-Pro) - 9 Budda Baker (2nd-team All-Pro) - 16 Minkah Fitzpatrick - 17 Antione Winfield - 19…

Today's #randompackersplayeroftheday is Ron Hallstrom- an OL out of @hawkeyenation. Drafted by the @packers in the 1st round (pick 22) of the 1982 draft, he played in 162 games with a 124 starts and was 2nd team All-Pro in 1989.

@ohcomeonnnn Seriously, it's been a long time. I mean, you could say AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop for a minute there... but Hawk was quite far from being an All-Pro. Before that? Sheesh, I shudder to think.

Campbell was obviously named First Team All-Pro & everyone can see the impact he's made on this team. However Barnes is no slouch either; he's shown flashes of explosiveness while reading/beating blockers. Their collective speed and instincts have reshaped Green Bay's defense.

@Nichola42768438 @dougm7914 @VeveJones007 Really? You wanna give up Q an All-Pro Guard who has given up only 4 sacks in 4 years and Hines who when used right is a great weapon for Wilson to end up running around because we traded our best lineman for him? Idiotic trade

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