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I am doing halloween pfp too! all you got to do 1. go to comments comment your roblox avatar 2. like this post and retweet! #pfp #design #onlineart

The #Avatar rerelease numbers (eyeing a ~$10M weekend) are so impressive. Underscores how significantly audiences crave *unique* spectacle (not just CGI gobbledygook). I may not like the movie but I am weirdly excited for #Avatar2 as a cinematic commercial exclamation point.

does Morbius return in Avatar 2? I'm getting Morbius vibes from the trailers I'm avoiding watching

@BoxReport #AVATAR vai ser um grande relançamento nos estados unidos na bilheteria, maior do que homem aranha: versão estendida, quando eu assistir no imax tinha 63 pessoas imagina saí #AVATAR2 vai ser uma uma surpresa do ano como mega blockbuster

There are two wolves raging inside every man: one hungers to see Avatar 2 while the other lusts for NyQuil marinated chicken.

ฉากพิเศษ #Avatar2 นี้ภาพสวยดีนะ แต่พอไม่มี Context แล้วแปลกๆไม่ค่อยชอบเลย นาวีมาว่ายน้ำพูดภาษาอังกฤษกันชิลๆ

Avatar was horrible. I think I watched the first 10 minutes & I was done. I knew it was going to be aweful. Now Avatar 2 is coming, I don't even want to look at the posters.

@officialavatar please put another golf scene in avatar 2

Not an avatar 2 animated on yt

"Avatar 2" varah emotional vaane: Director

and ill say more. avatar 2 WILL save cinema


Some of y’all are gonna break your ankles back peddling from “WHO ASKED FOR THIS?!?” when the AVATAR 2 trailer dropped to “Saw AVATAR 3D and it’s fantastic! Can’t wait for AVATAR 2!”

Thanks to its re-release, napanood ko na finally ang Avatar 😂. I know naman na medyo similar yung story to Pocahontas pero what I loved about it is its impressive visuals, expansive world-building and the attention to details. I'm ready na for Avatar 2 this December 😁

“this movie has no yaoi-bait and isn’t tailor-made to hold up an annoying internet fandom therefore it has no cultural impact” avatar 2 will make 80 billion dollars at the box office trust me on that

@McbainMr @ScottAdamsSays 3D movies are coming back, they do every time. There was a 3D craze in the 80s, and the new technology used in avatar 2 doesn’t require glasses. 3D has always been a reoccurring fad.

I’m gonna lose my mind when Nick Fury shows up in the mid-credit scene of Avatar 2

Que avatar 2 sale el proximo viernes😍😍😍

Y lo voy a repetir hasta que me muera Lo que se logra en avatar 2 se logra porque si le pagan a sus trabajadores y no los tienen haciendo cgi para 400 cosas al tiempo y prueba que Disney si es capaz de SER MEDIANAMENTE DECENTE con sus trabajadores…

@AdrienGombeaud @FabienRemblier @Nico_Gilli Sur les 5 dernières années, en comptant Avatar 2, il y a eu 8 films de vraiment tournés en 3D.

@cherriyy_ haha iya kan, return of the kings apalagi epic bngt tuh kalau di bioskop pasti Avatar 2 jadwal nya Desember

La scène d’avatar 2 a la fin de avatar 1 qui est clairement un chef d’œuvre annonce quelque chose de grandiose

Rivisto al cinema #Avatar non è invecchiato di un giorno e ti fa capire quanto Cameron fosse già troppo avanti. Poi nei titoli di coda c’è una scena di #AvatarTheWayOfWater che semplicemente è fuori di testa. #AvatarRemastered #Avatar2

@BadPostsLLC @pierogiwitch @andrew12la I think there's a perception nowadays that to be culturally relevant there needs to be a sequel or a spin-off every year. The fact that Avatar is getting a sequel after ten years is rare today. The box office for Avatar 2 will confirm how relevant it still is.

@Drexl_Raz Avatar 2 is the answer to this question and I haven't even seen it yet

@the_moviebob Again, Bob is very right. Twitter isn't the real world. In the real world, people will stand in line for 6 hours to go on the pandora simulator ride in Disney world. Avatar 2 is gonna make a billion dollars.

@cineworld Thank You So Much Cineworld! And it really is! I've been waiting for 13 years to receive the sequel for Avatar 2! We've all seen how well Top Gun Maverick received its strong respect which it truly deserves the great respect! Fingers crossed Avatar 2 will bring the same!!! 😁😁😁

@ohhinsomnia bener oi😭 pengen ngrasain nonton 3 stengah jam di bioskop Pengen liat legolas segede layar bioskop juga hahahahah Btw avatar 2 kapan si Kok malah yg prtama tayang lagi😭

Why ‘Avatar’ is back in theaters and previewing ‘Avatar 2’…

Je ne pensais qu'#Avatar m'impressionnerait autant en 3d ! Il prend une toute autre dimension en 3d que ce soit la lumière les couleurs tout est super jolie ! Je suis séduit par le HFR mais j'aime pas trop revenir au 24fps c'est assez perturbant ! Et l'extrait d'avatar 2...

@Peter_Italy che è uno spoiler sul prossimo avatar 2?

Can you demonstrate your dancing near the box office numbers please, I just want to make sure that you practice for when the Avatar 2 box office numbers humiliate you

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