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Salon: Steve Bannon's second act: He's back, and he wants to bring down the curtain on democracy.… via @googlenews

Schiff: If Steve Bannon Feels He's Above The Law, He's About To Find Out Otherwise via @YouTube

Steve Bannon's legal defense doesn't have to make sense

@CathyHeyworth @patriottakes It's the same network that airs what's left of Steve Bannon's liver interviewing domestic terrorists. Their target audience will never pick up on that.

F no - you and Trump aka Williard and all of the other rats Bannon aka Ben etc - please don't vote as Willard says- and move to Russia - that way U will have the kind of Gov't and leader that you always wanted - Adios!…

@MattEurich Yes, I just hope it evens out due to "more pressures" not "fewer sacks"

@MollyJongFast @AdamKinzinger “If Bannon can delay long enough, he could simply run out the clock, & hope that Democrats lose control of Congress in 2022.” That’s absolutely the plan, hope for a GOP Congress who’ll shut down the committee & sweep the evidence under the rug.

@AlvesOnebox @LulaOficial @ricardostuckert @Haddad_Fernando Falei o de nove dedos... O Trump ou Orange Man, ta correndo um risco danado lá em NY... STEVE BACON ops Bannon for intimado pelo congresso mas saiu correndo... Muito MEDO... AINDA GANHOU UNS MILHÕES COM A HISTÓRIA DO DINHEIRO DO MURO 😳😁😁

What do Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and prominent QAnon backer Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem all have in common? They are all campaigning for Glenn Youngkin, the GOP's candidate for Virginia governor:

@DeadlineWH @costareports @NicolleDWallace Steve Bannon's second act: He's back, and he wants to bring down the curtain on democracy…

@peterbakernyt @sbg1 And neither the administration, the DOJ, the attorney general, nor Congress is acting. And, no, a 'criminal referral" for Steve Bannon is not acting.

As the 1/6 committee seeks criminal contempt charges against Steve Bannon for refusing to testify, do Dems risk emboldening the GOP to weaponize that tactic in the future? @RepAdamSchiff doesn’t care—we need to know Trump’s role. See our full convo Sunday night on @SHO_TheCircus.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr: DOJ’s prosecution of Steve Bannon could create ‘a political martyr out of him… Bannon is a criminal, not a martyr. He broke the law and should be put on trial for his actions. He thinks he is above the law. NOT.

@AnythingGUK just joyous. Those tap dancing sequences, life affirming. @BarbicanCentre Great way to catch up with old friends.

TFG canned Bannon in '18. There was no love lost. The only reason TFG pardoned Bannon in 2021 was because Bannon ponied up post election 2020 and leading into Jan 6!

January 6 committee exposes a dark truth in going after Bannon… The twisted view of the Woke, Cancel Culture Gestapo, Critical Race Theory advocacy that has tanked CNN's ratings. Do not send to know from whence the threat comes. It comes from thee.

Of course Trump &every single1 of Trump ppl know that but the Putin - Bannon strategy2 destroy Democracy involves specific playbook of destructive tactics. #msnbc #cnn #thebeat #TheReidOut #inners #maddow #LastWord @ElieNYC @DavidCornDC @SykesCharlie @JillWineBanks @JRubinBlogger…

IT IS THE WEEKEND FOR ME YIPPPEEEEE!!! Also do you think the US Marshalls have an 👀👀 on Bannon?

Well Garland doesn't want to upset anyone so maybe it is time to just arrest Bannon.…

@chipfranklin @CalltoActivism They sent 4 policemen, 3 cruisers to my house to tell me to fill out an accident report. So yeah, I think SWAT gear is appropriate for people who may be armed & show violence. Tough luck. I had to fill out a form. Steve Bannon defied a subpoena. I don't see any cops around him.

@KBAndersen Marty is eons better looking. Maybe-- Bannon looks like Marty would have a year long binge on a salmon fishing boat, doing drugs and staring into space. Gross.

@thedailybeast The pair had “deeply bonded,” the book says, “partly out of a shared incredulity about Donald Trump ... Bannon was often astonished by what Epstein knew.”

@LeciaMichelle11 Track down Steve Bannon, bounty hunter style. Please.

@MaddowBlog This should not have needed a panel vote. Steve Bannon is in criminal contempt, so prison is where he should be this weekend. Where is Trump's subpoena???????

@glennkirschner2 Thank you for giving us a good explanation of #Bannon and the #CriminalContempt situation. I feel a bit better now.

@DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace Steve Bannon will eat & drink himself to death before he goes before the Jan 6th committee.

has anybody looked at Maralago for Steve Bannon?

Steve Bannon Heading To Jail For Ignoring Congressional Subpoena? via @YouTube

Staggering how similar the conversations are in UK & US it's as if there is some concentrated right wing libertarian network! The narrative of Trump & Brexit is alarmingly similar! Of course Bannon is linked but is there more? @mmfa @RightWingWatch @gaslitnation @Greg_Palast…

"[Bannon's] not a fringe player in the final days of the Trump presidency. He's talking daily to Rudy Giuliani, he's talking to President Trump and so much of the Jan. 6 story is not only about the day itself but the days prior" - @costareports w/ @NicolleDWallace

The House is going to move quickly on a floor vote holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.…

The House is going to move quickly on a floor vote holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.…

@_rhubard Canadian men as well. It's a good thing though. Studying the Civil war isn't bad either. I study both World Wars.

Just got off a zoom with Steve Bannon. He says he’s impressed by all the energy coming from the populist left these days, such as that spicy latina Pedro Gonzales

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