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Will @EmmanuelAcho call into @975Middays to debate Anthony Gargano today or will he hide behind his big network because he knows he will get ripped apart for his awful Ben Simmons takes?

@EyeoftheStormZ Start a team of "misfits" Kylie Irving Ben Simmons Final record at the end of the season? None No one showed up to play

The Boys are BACK! NoPettiKicks Sports Podcast Edition Episode #6! Is Ben Simmons justified for his actions? NBA Season Tip Off! Is Greek Freak Best player in the world? Lakers just a lot of names? NFL WEEK 7! LAMAR MVP CANDIDATE? Like 👍 & comment ✍🏾…

🚨Episode #70 out NOW🚨 - NBA is back!! - Ben Simmons - Kyrie Irving - Chargers collapse in Baltimore - Cardinals still undefeated - Week 7 NFL preview 🎵: @CROCSOOSAVVY…

@Kil889 If MJ ever traded LaMelo for Ben Simmons,he should be stripped of his shares in Charlotte and be forced to sell the team. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@JoshhhOfficialx @brooklynsbeat Ben Simmons and Myles tuner aren’t worth Kyrie Irving alone.


@epitomeofbeau @WilsonHack @gang_lii @Great3st_ @football_kelly @BenSimmons25 So? You don’t openly shop one of your key pieces around during your potential championship season and expect them to play hard for you. THEN when they don’t play well throw them UNDER the bus. No one is excusing Ben’s behavior, but the 6ers, “Morey” blew it too.

@BenSimmons25 Giannis also has 20 FGA a game. You play 32-38 mins a game and shoot the rock 4 times lol. Go to work every day and take FGA stop crying all the time!…

@Great3st_ @DKross15 @BenSimmons25 Some ones gf “He’s a cancer what did you expect”

@28BlackIce Well me personally Ryan I did like it when Kenny Albert and Eddie olycyk mocked Ben Simmons

Good morning to everyone expect the people who want to trade for Ben Simmons.

I love how pelicans fans chanted “where’s Ben Simmons?” Bro we don’t know nor do we care lmao

Today at noon on Fan View Live!! - Saints talk - LSU next head 🏈 coach - Ben Simmons saga - NBA Finals predictions - Madison Prep Head Basketball 🏀 Coach Jeff Jones @MadJjones will be on as our guest Type in #FanViewLive on Facebook or YouTube to tune in!

@WilsonHack @gang_lii @epitomeofbeau @Great3st_ @football_kelly @BenSimmons25 But everything else y’all saying is simply hate. 6ers are just as much as to blame for Ben as him. They coddled him “sure”, they also mismanaged the entire team as well. They made stupid decisions on and off the court. You don’t shop 1 of your key pieces around

@MaximusTyrese @mtptrrc @bingbon85810438 @mikegolicjr @bomani_jones @minakimes Stop responding to this 🤡. He’s just like his boy Ben Simmons. Looking to blame somebody else when he can’t take blame for his own mistakes. His mommy is probably warming up his milk right now. You call yourself a Sixers fan. Make sure you jump ship with your boy Ben.

Post Edited: Ben Simmons' trade value drops amid practice backlash…

Good morning. Ben Simmons sucks.☺️

Ben Simmons is the type of guy to watch a game like yesterday’s and root for failure.

@JustCodeG @WilsonHack @gang_lii @Great3st_ @football_kelly @BenSimmons25 You are not a true Sixers fan. This has happened for 4 years. 4 years. Ben can barely try and rack a Trpl Dbl. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. He's been wishy washy as a person the entire time. Not one game in one series.

@DerekBodnerNBA So will they be extending the Ben Simmons suspension today?

Ben Simmons is annoying. Drama queen.

“The only way the Sixers are going to be able to move Ben Simmons for what he is worth… is if he plays.” @RealSkipBayless on Ben Simmons’ future with Philly, after he does not play in their season-opening win

I think we all need to prepare for the inevitability that Ben Simmons retires

Play the Song. F*** Ben Simmons

@WilsonHack @gang_lii @epitomeofbeau @Great3st_ @football_kelly @BenSimmons25 This happened in ONE series. Literally ONE series and keeping it real, ONE game. I get it’s the playoffs, but damn. Y’all act like he wasn’t attacking the rim at all throughout his career. He didn’t work on his game to add a jumper, I’ll admit that.

Yo @Y2Kelijah when is Ben Simmons my career part 2 gonna be released

If the high paid employee doesn’t want to do the work he is asked to do then that company needs to trade him, or cut him. 76’ers you guys got to get rid of Ben Simmons. He clearly does not to play for that team. Even if his value has plummeted you have to move him out!

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