Top Tweets for Big Sean

I been skippin Big Sean for bout 10 years now… but I’d take the feature like a mf 😭

“The quickest way to let something die is lack of attention.” - Big Sean

Who sews whose socks? Sue sews Sue's socks. Who sees who sew whose new socks, sir? You see Sue sew Sue's new socks, sir. - Big Sean

NOW PLAYING Jack Harlow ft. Big Sean ( @jackharlow @BigSean ) - Way Out (Dirty)

@bigsean_jakes 😂😂😂😂😂. The guy stress pass!

@bigsean_jakes happy birthday senior Apsu , have a great one

@BigSean will forever be my favorite rapper. I decided still carries me through my toughest times.

‘The worst thing I ever did was sign Big Sean’ – Kanye West slams his former artistes Big Sean & John Legend for criticizing his 2020 presidential run…

@wizkhalifa how come that lil EP with you Big Sean and $pitta never dropped officially????

I wish I could go back in time and slap 14 year old me for believing Big Sean was the best rapper alive

@ghettogospeII Eminem, Royce, Big Sean... These three in order in both songs

Top greatest hits music rock pop now playing No Pressure - Justin Bieber Feat. Big Sean on

Babyface Ray Ft. Big Sean & Hit-Boy - It Ain’t My Fault

I don't give a fuck como Big Sean

Why would I stop? Bihh I am unstoppable -@BigSean 🤣👌🏾 like what you thought? Lmaoooooo gotta love this guy 🤷🏾‍♀️ nothing but facts

Happy Birthday Bro.. God Bless You 🙏🏿 @bigsean_jakes

This was all inspired but a lil Marvin Gaye and shawtys name or whatever Big Sean said

@just_an_em_stan he did but tbf i just like danny more big sean & royce could be switched though

Jack Harlow Feat. Big Sean - Way Out

When big Sean said … “Sometimes you gotta break your own heart to save your soul” … I felt that on a godly level ✨

when big Sean said “always on the fucking job I ain’t got no fucking hobbies” …I felt that

Now Playing! 4 Thangs (Clean) - Freddie Gibbs ft Big Sean & Hit-Boy

@BigSean @Migos - Sacrifices Clean - Playing on 103.1FM in MIAMI now

@kimmmjewell Big big BIG Sean B and Shawn R vibes lolllllll

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