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Chris Blewitt: 2 games. 2/5 FGs; 2/2 XPs Alex Kessman: 1 games. 0/2 XPs…

Some folks got on me about wanting to cut Hopkins. “You can’t cut a kicker during the season because all the good ones are playing on teams.” We missed on Blewitt, but may have two kickers that fit the bill. One who hit on just about everything and the other proved to be clutch.

If I’m hearing that azpi is leaving I will actually tear up he’s been here since i started to watch Chelsea properly and actually understand them 😔

Stopped up in Delray this morning to check in on the ⁦@westpointtbred⁩ crew at Palm Beach Downs. Giant personality on Bourbon Ready, who is so close to debuting this month ⁦@GulfstreamPark⁩. He’s a More Than Ready - Katie’s Kiss, by Kantharos 2yo colt. Easy to love!

‘From my F-reg Fiesta to 500 games for West Ham - What a career he’s had’. Darren Blewitt shares his fond memories of playing with Mark Noble in #WestHam's Academy and watching his career take off. He shares his memories here >…

@wbuxtonofficial I think the solution should be, the stewards decide when the place is returned and tell the drivers themselves not the teams or it is done down the main straight and if there is drs activation it gets disabled for both cars involved eliminates the issue from yesterday

@BigManPauly @WashingtonNFL Their secondary and remember we had that shitty shitty blewitt kicker

@MichaelSalfino @call_my_psych @friscojosh @FB_FilmAnalysis There is constant discussion on here about winning the game, not tying it and kicking the can down the road. I’m a Steelers fan and happy with the outcome but divorcing myself from that…I think he made the right decision.

@blamberr @CleTornado @SportsbkConsig There are a significant amount of frames pictures in this home… 😂

@MichaelSalfino @call_my_psych @friscojosh @FB_FilmAnalysis Considering all the factors in an OT, especially one they were entering with banged up and missing players, doesn’t that change their forecast in real time anyway?

@call_my_psych @MichaelSalfino @friscojosh @FB_FilmAnalysis If its the best shot - every time. Salfino, I’m surprised by your stance on this.

@GOFORTHE2 Well, if that happens , they’ll lose by a million

@GOFORTHE2 Broncos feel like a lock after seeing this

@f_escopeta 😂😂😂😂😂 pobre Blewitt, nunca tuvo oportunidad

@ArielEpstein Agreed on the call. Ugly game, then it got exciting. This happens often with these two.

@AlexFasano_ Judon and Garrett in the mix but TJ may have pushed in front today

@redzoneforev3r Bro really been paid to sit half of his contract

@DotsByFitz Dude that should not be a PI within 2 mins of a game. Id be ok with it if it was earlier but those should not decide a game

#4 bounced back and the kicker didn't blewitt! Hope the gameball went to the kicker in a big SPOT. #Washingtonfootball

@WashingtonRealm Greg Blewitt would have doinked it off the lineman’s head.

@WashingtonRealm You're telling me we got, not one, but TWO kickers better than Dustin Hopkins? This was worth the Blewitt era

@JPFinlayNBCS I hope our young kicker, not named Blewitt, is warming up!

This game is going to come down to Chris Blewitt 2.0

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