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@MadisonDemSuptr @ProjectLincoln @GOP Yes I agree totally about Romney, McCain and the Bush presidents, et al. Throw a Bob Dole in there too, ("The president [is] my opponent and not my enemy.") I also agree with you about the GOP's response to Lincoln's invariable reaction. They'd savage him in a heartbeat.

The gap between a liberal democrat, and a conservative republican, is smaller than the gap between liberal and communist. Biden is closer to Bob Dole, than Mao, but when an echo chamber is left unchallenged, the narratives start radicalizing at the extremes.…

It's August 1st so that means the monthly mortality is now lung cancer. Cmon Bob, Dole out some points son! @DSCDPAdmin

Category: The Agricultural Hall Of Fame ($800) A 2006 inductee, this former Kansas senator & presidential candidate helped develop the food stamp program . . . . . . . . Bob Dole

@xpollybelle See how good you are at making sandwiches.... then maybe, just maybe you can do the dishes afterwards.

@cspanwj Bob Dole was a driving force in getting the ADA passed. Has the guest “read” his book “One Soldier’s Story”? If he has, can he comment on it? If he hasn’t I encourage him to listen to it.

@ScottAdamsSays Do you think the timing of these mandates and the olympics have any correlation? The olympic mask shit show and the strict no fans to me helps their case from a persuasion stand point. @ScottAdamsSays

@Thatbaseballfan But he can’t hit. A pinch hitter should be more than just a guy with a bat.

@TheNotoriousMMA Only doh is that doh doh leg of yours. 😂🤣

@rdolgach2 @Sox_Nick I think we will hit a street win 8 of next 10.

@Sox_Nick Terrible route too, he’s been An over rated fielder. Made some terrible plays lately. He’s gone soon as Luis gets activated. B Good saga needs to come to an end.

@JonWhere Clowns, slap that Fucken phone out theirs hands.

@baxter_blog @TPostMillennial Radical leftist Joe Biden turning America into a socialist country by allowing millions of Americans to get evicted? Huh?

@LOstertagg @bsan_bonfire @bonfiretoken Im still holding. Just not looking at my balance. I been doing this since 2012 guy.

@TPostMillennial .. But but right wing media told me that Joe Biden was a puppet for the radical left who would turn the U.S. into a socialist country?

Okay I’m waaaay t smart for this crowd I just cracked a Bob dole joke 😬

Celebrating the demise of Racism by watching the Oscars an olympic game, than the great bob Dole.

@JohnCollins_KP It’s like having a Bob Dole sign up at this point…

@Cathy_Wood @shamrockmass @JasonOverstreet That was destroyed here and it started with Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole back in 92. The REAL witch hunt by Ken Starr....all of it has been a complete shite show since. We will never see this kind of unity now.

#Republicans the party really died when Senator McCain died..Theres only Mitt Romney Susan Collins and Bob Dole left the only republicans i can see who i actually like...Whats your bag #DeSantis your a scum!

@behindthedish1 One game won’t do it. He just needs to be an average 240 hitter honestly. He def calls a good game and frames well.

@ChiSoxFanMike 3 homers. Your opinions get put to bed so often. This reverse psychology thing is great. Keep it up champ.

@Sox_Nick He putting all these shit talkin Twitter hoes to bed!

@Sox_Nick Games far from over and we still 9 games up lol

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