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@browardman6942 @laurenboebert Basically it was a bunch of white Liberals claiming that voter ID laws were racist because they think black folks don't have the common knowledge of how to get an ID through the internet or by just going to the DMV. The black folks were laughing at them an calling them idiots.

@RaymondMollica @laurenboebert It’s an R+6 district, genius. With a Democrat prez with 35% approval. And just the image of you waiting 10 months for something that’s not going to happen is hilarious.

@laurenboebert He had a slight slip of the tongue. You’ve had an avalanche of dumb.

@laurenboebert The policy applies to non-U.S./Canadian citizens who do not have government-issued ID or passports.

@TheSizzleReport @cooltxchick That was twisting the knife; Unnecessarily showboating. Senator McCain did the same, but with understated class. When she did that a few months ago, all she proved is that she is the Lauren Boebert of Senators.

@woxgie @EricSha07402665 @GraenRick @laurenboebert Pentagon asked for $713 billion, got $753 billion instead. AKA the government just spent $38 billion more than they needed to not less. So looks like observing facts is not your strong suit.

"#WorldNews Story: Rep. Boebert: Biden Should Name the 5 #GOP Senators He Says Agree With Him #News":…

@CT95836246 @Nate00551697 @eastrnbowhunter @lelainei @laurenboebert He does but it's easy to troll with questions- even in the midst of the most obvious. You can do it with the claim that "the sky is blue." How so? In what way? It's trolling for simpletons. Dumb AF

@laurenboebert Bimboebert, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones...

@POTUS @RandPaul @Jim_Jordan @tedcruz @laurenboebert @SenTomCotton Can someone let Biden know that leaders across the globe are ending all mandates and passports!…

@laurenboebert No Joe, wait until they are primaried, then ask them to come forward. Don't let idiots like Bobert try and control this.

@laurenboebert It truly is not your problem kid, you’ll be gone after the upcoming elections 😂

@EWErickson Now all we need is some sanity to come back to the GOP, with more candidates of integrity, principle and vision, and a commitment to moving away from Trumpism. That means the MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, Gosar, Biggs, Cruz and Hawley's of the party need to GTFO I have my doubts.

@woxgie @EricSha07402665 @GraenRick @laurenboebert Look at all the anti-abortion laws Republicans push and how they scream about defunding Planned Parenthood which provides essential healthcare services to women/owners of uteruses and try to tell me I am wrong about Gov interfering.

@Montie16743757 @WorldPeace33334 @laurenboebert Best at being Impeached twice in one term. Best at lying and having thousands of idiots believe his lies.

@eastrnbowhunter @nuke_waste @Nate00551697 @lelainei @laurenboebert btw: you're not an extremist. You're just a troll. You're peddling your agenda by acting like you're asking "all the tough questions." You're a troll mate. That's really it.

@CLKing37251162 @RonFilipkowski She is a token ‘bipartisan’ women speaking for the house. All I’m hearing, is she speaking for Boebert, Greene, Gaetz, Gohmert. That speaks for itself!

@LadyJayPersists I agree with this completely and we should never do it. BUT,.... Let's be clear, Lauren Boebert's 'act' isn't just a lack of character! Listen to her talk, sentence structure, emphasis, phrasing, etc. She's also just not that smart,....

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