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@Airborne173rd01 @CoachBrianKelly @jbram_15 ishmael is lazy on film pretty sure they are good on him no offense to him either

@statsowar the Brian Kelly and Lincoln Riley's of the world... Totally different from my point

@NDrules43 Whose Brien Kellie? Brian Kelley?? Oooo Brian Kelly yaaaa never heard of him

@CoachBrianKelly good day Coach! My name is Rodney Cook. My sons name is Trent Cook. We’re trying to see when will you hold walk on tryouts for the 2022 season. If you or someone from your team can respond, that would be awesome.

IDGAF if Brian Kelly tweets about a long snapper for LSU so stop retweeting that shit onto my TL dammit! 😤

A ballhawk who has earned a reputation as one of the most versatile defensive backs in the SEC. We're excited to have @Gbrooks5_ back in The Boot. #GeauxTigers…

@JSODonoghue At the end of your article, I think you might mean U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson, not U.S. District Judge Brian Kelly.

@iam_Elijah1 Brian Kelly ain’t playing with these mfs

@CoachBrianKelly @jbram_15 Coach, Ishmael Sopsher and a few other lLouisiana natives are ready to come back to the boot!

@grogu_swings @TWauson12 @DeanBlevins @NEWS9 Yea, the same Brian Kelly that has won 200+ games…. He’ll have a lot more talent at LSU that’ll help him in big games compared to what he was able to get at ND

@DeanBlevins @NEWS9 Because Brian Kelly has so much experience getting QBs ready for NFL...

@briannaandras Build the Brian Kelly statue if it happens

@CoachBrianKelly @sladeroy_ So thankful for @lsufb51 starting the tradition of Long Snapper University at LSU!

@CoachBrianKelly @AYSSPORTS @sladeroy_ Imo 8 or 9wins would a be a good start for BK in year 1

So leave Lebby and BV at OU for the coach who sold the season and dipped or Brian Kelly? Ok😂😂😂…

I’ve watched @jbram_15 get the job done time and time again throughout his college career. I know he’s ready to make the most of this opportunity. #GeauxTigers…

Every detail matters. Welcome to Long Snapper University, @sladeroy_. Let’s get to work. #GeauxTigers…

New: #LSU is checking in on an elite QB prospect today. The Tigers continue to canvas the country recruiting under Brian Kelly. Details on the target:… (On3+)

New: #LSU is checking in on an elite QB prospect today. The Tigers continue to canvas the country recruiting under Brian Kelly. Details on the target:… (On3+)

@SBennettPowell Brian Kelly was a complete shock. Nobody knew that was coming. Jim has been so public about trying to get out of Michigan it’s ridiculous. The administration can only take that for so long.

@ClintonHuffty34 The same thing Saban said to LSU kids, or Brian Kelly to ND, or the same things kids in the transfer portal are saying yo their coaches and teams. It ain’t 1960 anymore.

Does anyone else feel like we moved off the whole Brian Kelly accent fiasco too quickly? Really feels like that should’ve gotten more attention.

@CharlesLauterb8 @mrsjosaga @markcon99 @thomasm50757203 @Yrncold Lol...we can be at times but I think this Brian Kelly hire has caused us LSU folks to adapt to his culture as well. I know it feels good to hear a coach who gives a vision and a plan and sticks to it and thats what we've been missing structure. So its changes on both sides

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