@Strip_Mobius_ @line_art_nfts @garyvee Holy smokes congrats!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Thats llike a dream come true. Litterally one of the goals on our teams whiteboard 😍

@FaZeRug CONGRATS ON 20M BRO!!!!!!!! I would appreciate any gift in that giveaway man !!! Anything from you is a dream come true bro! To be really specific I would love to win that car man seriously bro I’ve been wanting to have my car for so long , it would help & benefit me in many ways


@FaZeRug Congrats brian! ur dream has finally come true!! Man I really want the iPhone 12 because I really need it for school and other important stuff :)

@Vakseen @makersplaceco Congrats on all the recent success. It’s inspiring to see. As we say at Texas Tech (where I went to school), “Dream No Little Dreams”. You are doing a great job doing just that. #dreambig

Artist #DAO makes a pfp project with their own members, project sells out in 2hrs, now dreams get more expansive Making some smart moves with collective action Congrats!!…

@Kengocrzzy @RadfordHoops Congrats Kenyon.. You work hard with all the obstacles and BS in the way but kept focus on your dream..Also want to thank Coach Nichols and the Radford U staff for believing in you and given you the opportunity… Congrats My Son.. 🍾🎈🎊🎉

@FaZeRug Faze rug I'm a huge fan and I would love a 1,000 dollars because I want to build my dream setup and give some to my family cause I love to see them smile so best of luck everyone and congrats on 20 million my man

@shrimposaurus Totally a business expense 👀 and so pretty too!! Congrats on getting your dream card!!!! 💜

@melknepp Congrats on the new job! They're lucky to have you on their team.

@axcited_team I'm dreaming now Team Axcited said CONGRATS your IN😊😂but it's just a dream not in reality..hehehehe..hopefully😊😂😂@axcited_team

@lippieDwt that's a nice way to come out- but yeah congrats ! proud of you :D

The Roushihara’s ❤️ #LoveWins, especially when it comes to two of the most kind and caring souls. Congrats Anthony and Phil on your beautiful wedding! Thank you for making me be a part of your Botanical Dream! 🪴🌺💐🌻 Wishing You Love, Life and Eternal HapPenis! #roushiharas

@xoxoKaralee Congrats..😒 totally not jealous from being unlucky all the time.. Be real talk, congrats!

@lfcnjck Congrats, this is the dream bro

@longkangwater you're living my dream life omg congrats bae <3

They wanted saskay to be out so bad but theyll fake emotions cause she left. Congrats saskay 💛💛💛

@elonmusk @inspiration4x Congrats Mr Musk for the steps you bring to science and to our dreams with no limit mindset

@greencrosslive @SugarClub_ Congrats to everybody involved here, y’all are living the nft artist and venue synergistic dream.

@CarmeonHamilton Your show is just absolutely brilliant! From the renter’s concept to design, I can watch you all day! Congrats you have a hit on your hands!!! 🤗 #RenoMyRental #hgtv

@DatBrianYT Hewo, congrats that you got your dream item, ive also gotten mine. Somethimes im thinking of having that.

@FaZeRug I want the iphone 12 because my parents can not give me it and that is my dream iphone.Plsssssss.CONGRATS FAZE RUG ON 20 MIL 🎉🎉

@FaZeRug I want the ps5 because It’s been my dream to get one someday I hope I can win :) congrats on 20 rug

@CapsComics First of all, congrats on the Alex Ross follow. Second, my dream is to get a Tom Taylor and/or Bruno Redondo follow. That’d make my year.

Yesterday my boy @scuba_invitemiami got married to the woman of his dreams! I’m so proud of you brother, congrats again to you and @Jessie_0507 ❤️🎉 love you both! 🤵‍♂️👰🏼‍♀️ @ Miami, Florida…

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