Top Tweets for Caused by a SUV

@nwbvt @bdhagberg @agreger1 @guypbenson Huh? No one is asking the media to make anything up, we no longer want to see headlines like “the tragedy that was caused by an SUV.” You’re purposely pretending that I’m asking the media to lie. You can go gaslight someone else

Haven't stopped thinking about "caused by a SUV" all day lmfao "caused by a SUV"

“WaPo used a similar tactic, tweeting the tragedy was "caused by a SUV" as both liberal outlets failed to mention who was driving the red Ford Escape in widely mocked, viral tweets.” Maybe the Ford Escape can sue for slander?…

@CNN How do you think the families that lost loved ones in that SUV that that guy drove through during a parade when you post parade attack was caused by a car that drove through the parade? Do you wonder why your ratings are so low? Losers


CNN ripped for claiming Waukesha tragedy was caused by SUV… How can the CNN's hold a straight face while lying out their A**? Their Mamas would be so proud of them....NOT!!!!

Here's what the new CEO of a prominent social media company said in 2020. That company is about to get worse. Get ready to join Unfl*pp*bl or G*B.

@DrewHolden360 “Caused by a SUV.” While Darrell Brooks, appears was a fan of Hitler. @bariweiss

#Dezinformatsiya: “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.” —The Washington Post #ThingsJackassesSay

Washington Post Deletes Tweet Saying Waukesha Tragedy ‘Caused by a SUV’… via @TheWrap

Washington Post Tweet: "Massacre caused by SUV" This tweet was later modified, but this massacre is totally ignored by the media. The 6th victim, a young boy 8 years old died in the hospital and is not even mentioned in most report (CNN).…

@benshapiro It's horrible "White Supremacy" when a 17 year old defends himself. It's a horrible accident caused by an SUV when a terrorist plows into completely innocent individuals and children. These double standards are not new. They will continue and people will eat it up. Shame.

Okay, you don't get this bit of dark humor. I'll explain: CNN has reported that the deaths in Waukesha were caused "by a SUV" involved in a "crash" rather than a murderous BLM supporter (alleged) plowing through a crowd of innocents celebrating the advent of Christmas.…

@tsconiers1 @masterben88 @trendingfightz He didn’t call him that. There is full video online of it. They’re just trying to make excuses for anti-social violence. The same people who say “Waukesha was caused by a SUV”

@DailyCaller @KellyannePolls "Caused by a SUV?" That's not even literate. These fine journalists need to check with their high school English teachers, if they had any.

@bariweiss @benshapiro Right, “tragedy caused by a SUV” because they can’t say “BLM Supporter amped up to murder by the left”.

The "Tragedy" not mass murder It was "Caused by an SUV" not a Black Male photo4972060682988137008.jpg

Caused by a SUV. I was thinking about buying one,but if they may turn on you, maybe not.…

Washington Post Deletes Tweet Stating 'Waukesha Tragedy' Was 'Caused By A SUV'

@caragsdale “Caused by a SUV.” Really? This crime, this mass murder was not caused by a vehicle. The media is on its way to blaming a vehicle for the actions of a human. Let’s outlaw SUVs? No. Punish the perpetrator, not the implement.

CNN: “A car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.” WaPo: “Tragedy caused by a SUV.” In a meanwhile “SUV” is arrested!!? Filthy CNN and filthy WaPo!!!

@CBCNL Studded tires erode the pavement, a lot. You can see the width of the damage is the width of most small cars, and SUVs. Not large trucks. Ruts are caused by wear and gouging of the "sander" effect of studs skipping on pavement as tire spins. (Less traction)

By next week they will have us all believe that the victims actually ran into a parked SUV and caused their own injuries. #thegreatgaslighting continues. Unmanned cars kill people. The reality doesn’t fit the narrative.…

@MarcusHUSA @jtLOL It's just a whoopsie doopsie caused by an autonomous SUV

CNN: "A car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing Six people and injuring scores of others." WaPo: "Tragedy caused by a SUV."

@CNN Time for a ruling on the mental pain and anguish caused by this blatant and clumsy propaganda. A man drove that SUV and attacked children and elderly. CNN, I hope you see me on the list of plaintiffs for the class action lawsuit that finally ends your evil little empire.

CNN is afraid to say it but i’m not, this tragic crash was caused by a no-good SUV…

Washington Post: WAUKESHA massacre was caused 'by a SUV'. NO, it was caused by BLM terrorist.

@JackAndDino @M0bl1v10n Kenosha was caused by a person, but Kenosha was caused by an SUV. It fits the narrative.

the media now claims the mass murders were caused by an SUV that missed a turn!

So can we now safely say this was a domestic terrorist attack!!! Why does the news keeping stating that the incident was caused by a red SUV 🤔…

@washingtonpost you mean “caused by a multi-felon criminal, child rapist, who was let out on a $1000 bail 2 days earlier driving an SUV”? @nytimes you mean “after a multi-felon criminal, child rapist, who was let out on a $1000 bail 2 days earlier, driving an SUV, barreled…”?🤦🏻‍♂️

Words Matter! This tragedy was NOT caused by an SUV! Someone was driving that SUV And since it wasn't a WHITE PERSON The Washington Post wants you to forget who was driving that SUV.

Great, but I might have to get a shirt with a Bob design made up for myself this week to wear on the school run.…

Wait. I thought this was just “an accident caused by a SUV”.…

WAPO says "Waukesha tragedy" was caused by a SUV. So Christine a la Stephen King still lives. Amazing.…

@SpidahHull "Just a group of people dying" was caused by a radical racist who intentionally drove his SUV through a crowd. "The right media" is who, exactly? Fox? OANN? Newsmax? They don't have the reach of the corporate media. Try again, "pundit."

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