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There's an undeniable depth to the day, but that doesn't mean ... More for Gemini

You can move mountains with seemingly the simplest of efforts!... More for Aries

@nationalismfor1 @joannaccherry @theSNP If and it’s a big IF,this is granted,it will be a charter to have a neverendum until the SNP win! And also a excuse to break any contract they subsequently don’t like after signing (Germany of the 1930s?)

Joining @avery_aston on #daytime shortly to chat about @3MUK research about STEM education are Sarah Chapman and CEO at Wise Kay Hussain here on @Gateway978 Tune in on FM or online at Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

It's quite unbelievable @BylineTimes are still retweeting this nonsense. An article about ties with "Canadian Pipeline Ties" which signally fails to demonstrate any such tie. Just weird.……

New webinar! Join Fred Chapman, Ph.D. and Michael Levy, MD to learn how to use the basics of defibrillation to help optimize cardiac rhythm management in resuscitation. Wednesday, September 28, 2022 1 – 2 p.m. ET | 10 – 11 a.m. PT Register:…

No one can stand in the way of you getting your money's worth!... More for Sagittarius

If you or your company are owed a debt, or if you've issued a claim that has become defended and don't know what to do next, our recoveries team can help. Here’s some great feedback Chloe was sent recently from a happy client! #Clientfeedback #Testimonial #MondayMotivation

@mjyharris Emma Spencer obvious reasons,Matt Chapman to make me look good,John Francome and Frankie Dettori for the craic

@filled_popcorn I saw your tweet yesterday wanting to buy votes pls @FieldCommando is selling votes

@EssexPR @eon_next @EON_SE_en This is is is bad business practice... It could tip some customers over the edge....if I put out a menu with obviously wrong prices I would go bust very quickly.

@RichOwensFM @ThePolice I don't understand. You people love to customise stuff. I don't even change my phone background.

@Femi_Sorry So you expect the current majority Tory Government or a future Labour Government to vote for something that would see their power reduced? You really shouldn't take an IQ test unless you are going for an entry into the Guinness book of records as the lowest recorded IQ.

@DavidHundeyin @Billy__Chapman And that one that was doing cho cho cho cho on Arise

Dobles dígitos en la Newsletter, y hoy sale de buen martes. Canelo @DanielTachu Crónica de @FundacionCBG, @AlvaroGarciaCx Fichajes de Madrid y Barça @AlbertoCV_ Selección Femenina @AlejandroGalle_ Resto Directo 20/09/2022 @CroniSport…

@MattJEgan Chapman never got a cap? That’s astounding.

Seal maxi, ENS OG, 🅿️ixl🅿️usher. CryptoArte aficionado, my day job is producing commercials and building brands.

@DuArbitre @booba Laisse tracy chapman tranquille ,mais ya rien qui va la ,maquillée comme un camion volé ,bouche de poisson , et manière de .... , ce qui me désole le plus c qu'elle porte le voile pour se dandiner ainsi sur les réseaux. Quelle horreur 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

@ianbetteridge From that period it is baffling that none of Lukic, Fairclough, or - above all - Chapman got a cap between them. Lot of good keepers about, but Lukic won the league with Leeds and Arsenal, and Chapman got 31 goals in 90-91, when Brian Deane played for England.

Trying to decide, from the picture, which is the perp and which the victim 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪…

@DavidHundeyin I was shocked to see a tweet by @SEzekwesili urging Obi to go ahead and commit suicide.

@LDahlkemper @GovofCO @JeffcoSchoolsCo @coloradopols In schools nationally “furries embody animal spirits & R pansexual -means attraction to anyone.” Furries In The Classroom Jane Morris, May 12th 2016 Take this seriously. @LDahlkemper approves all LGBTQ+

@Primark How about a men's changing room and a woman's changing room, I hear that worked elsewhere for quite a while.

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