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@LosGurusNFL Dolphins Bengals Cardinals Chargers Panthers Cowboys 30

@tairek5 @gummidragon @TaeDollaz_ @chargers The one that gave up 400 yards and a league high 10.5 yards per pass?

@RevanRodriguez @city_limitation @DTSkoblar @NFLonFOX The chargers are going to win because they played good teams and the Ravens didn't. It's the same logic as saying the Jets beat the Titans who beat this team which means the Jets are better than said team. Not how it works buddy

@AFansOpinion_ Hard to beat that Chargers/Browns game last week but it just might

@RenegadeAdam They gave up 47 to chargers. I think Murray does the same.

@cybrflirt bring water, 1-2 portable chargers, flashlights, batteries, books, blankets, coats & non-perishable snacks just in case.

@Lj_era8 you good? We need to beat the chargers ass. I have tickets

@heyhaz @HAZ @ClevelandBrowns @chargers @NFL @espn @NFLnetwork It's all and good. Sorry if it appeared that my frustration over that "chemistry" was directed towards you. There are fans and media that just don't like OBJ, and want him traded. It's beyond ludicrous. Go #Browns

@ATTexplore This would be super helpful in our house...we're ALWAYS losing or wearing out our chargers🙏💯

@JenniferMills21 The @chargers family is definitely special⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ #BoltUp

Lazio v Inter Lazio crumbled last time out losing 3-0 to Bologna & losing Acerbi in the process. With Ciro struggling with fitness this could be the worst time to welcome back old boss Inzaghi & his chargers Inter. Inter will be favourites, but can a wounded Lazio respond?

Justin Herbert and Mike Williams are hitting an electric slide that's powered the Chargers to first place. They're a perfect pair that has fans and fantasy managers ecstatic. (@Bonobos)

@PullUpAnttt I just think they’re both hot.. Chargers have a better team, Lamar has to do it all! I just think he’s playing a tough secondary with a nasty D-Line. I think its a lot harder for Ravens to score than LA

‼️Dyer County forfeited tonight’s game against the Chargers. Covington moves to 7-1 on the season and travels to Haywood next Friday.‼️

@ConnorHalley Buttering you up before Ravens v Chargers on Sunday

9 years ago I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the chargers blow a 21-0 halftime lead to Peyton Manning 😂 It comes up every year in my FB memories

#Chargers are 2-0 in away games with wins in Washington & Kansas City. Bolts looking for their 3rd road win of the year in Baltimore on Sunday. Herbert is 9-1 in his last 10 games. #BOLTUP #LACvsBAL

@LosGurusNFL Dolphis Lions Chargers Panthers Patriots 35

@Stuckey2 Lamar might put up 50 against that Chargers defense

@Stuckey2 Chargers fan here. Surprised more people aren’t on the Ravens. Missing top 2 linebackers, Mike Will won’t be close to 100 and the bye is next week. Could go either way but I’m surprised there aren’t more people on Baltimore

Ex Chargers fans seeing current Chargers fans welcoming new fans.

chargers twitter never follows me 😂😂

@KylePak8 @ChargersTalkNow As much as I would like to see a O Line player get the OROY especially slater since in a chargers fan, it's probably gonna be chase

Se busca pronosticador invitado para semana 7! Da RT/Like a este tweet, manda tus 6 pronósticos y desempate y gana. Dolphins vs Jaguars Bengals vs Lions Cardinals vs Browns Chargers vs Ravens Vikings vs Panthers Cowboys vs Patriots Total pts SNF (SEA vs PIT)

Week 6 NFL Picks brought to you by Team Al-Dog on the Jaguars at +3 Team Al-Dog on the Chargers at +2.5 Team Hayes on the Cowboys at -3.5 Team Al-Dog on the Steelers at -5.0 #NFL @HayesTSN @odognine2 @mickey_canuck

Challengers & Chargers speakers flam asf fr

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