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Bro Charles Barkley would give today’s NBA’s so many buckets

@KendrickPerkins 21 Dwayne Wade 22 Steph Curry 23 Charles Barkley 24 Jerry West 25 Elgin Baylor

@Brink_Thinker He has a better swing than Charles Barkley.

@TheNBACentral Guys calm down calm down. Its Gabrielle Union, like Charles Barkley said first of all you a Class C celeberty

Ain’t no way Hakeem not on this list for peaks. Best playoff run in history at his peak. Had no All Star teammates and beat Shaq + Penny, David Robinson, Charles Barkley + Kevin Johnson and Karl Malone n John Stockton in 1994-1995. Foh…

@bandedeptitbat1 @hxpster_k @ClyMarwan @Blockisdead @__auree_ @clemng_92 "Sur plus de 7000 langages Charles Barkley a choisi de parler celle de la vérité" en gros c sa

@Will_i_amBrown @FoxNews @_CharlesBarkley So men who don't care if your love ones get sick and die? Interesting

@Underanchor18 @jOnO6ix @NHL_On_TNT Yeah the first thing people think of when they hear the name Charles Barkley is hockey.

Bad attitude like I’m Charles Barkley

cyborg poop sack bottle hi bucky o neil 45 jeff clarence pencils hipwatcher's quadruple triple charles barkley +

@wojespn Easiest decision since Charles Barkley chosen 1st for pickup bball game #GEICO

This nigga got Charles Barkley over wade? KG over KD? 🥱…

@FoxNews Don’t know if @_CharlesBarkley still stands by this… Stephon Marbury came to the defense of Kyrie Irving. Both are ROLE MODELS! Our children are the American Dream! Children, these are the men you need to look up to!!

@RonFunches As Charles Barkley says, "Father Time is undefeated."

@JJMaples55_MST No Charles Barkley.smh. takes away all credibility in my opinion.,.

And now I have an idea of how it felt for Charles Barkley trying to stop shots from @WayneGretzky

@SInow @NFLonFOX TERRIBLE CALL! In my Charles Barkley voice!! 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 one of a few calls that HURT us badly! Don’t wanna say cost us the game but…….

chicken poyo charles barkley cyborg olu i only like the fries here chungus mr krabs burger sumo jeff bucky o neil emoji bottle burger

That time when Charles Barkley was confused by what Ernie Johnson was saying 😂 #InsideTheNBA

That time when Charles Barkley cursed on national television, and realized the mistake he made. 😂 #InsideTheNBA on TNT!

That niggas has Charles Barkley over Allen Iverson lol

Only thing I truly disagree with is KD might be a few slots too low and Charles Barkley is better than Malone

just realized joel embiid is the next charles barkley, funniest dude in the league, hall of famer, played in philly, never going to win shit. etc.

JBg-tebRa-charleS-Barkley-Ga. X

nuts krabs bingy squidward goop bottle toomguy127 hipwatcher's chicken salad blood mr. burger us charles barkley

@gia_win @Nate_moseby That’s Karl Malone, mvp David Robinson, Charles Barkley and then beginning of his prime Shaq + Penny, in *one* playoff run. Who’s Steph beaten in one run like that? Harden, whom y’all all call a fraud? Dame whom everyone already admits isn’t as good as Steph? then Lebron?

Charles Barkley On Why He Doesn’t Allow NBA 2K To Include Him In The Game: “They Pay Those Guys To Do It And They Make $300 Million And They Pay The Guys Chump Change.”… I CANT SAY I BLAME HIM, I THINK The Same about the nfl.

@BetMGM NFL Brett Favre NBA Charles Barkley MLB Jose Canseco NHL Wayne Gretzky BOXING Mike Tyson NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr

@VaxxedAndWaxed @RTNBA @KendrickPerkins @SLAMonline This is a individual debate. Charles barkley was better than dirk but has no ring. U see how dumb “ring over everything” arguments sound? Draymond green must be one of the best power forwards ever. His team accomplishments say so

@yeeitsearl @Bigmelwalter @ShamsCharania Depends on if he changes his play style. He could weigh 225 and still get injured because he plays like a guard. If he were to copy Charles Barkley or Chris Bosh game, with his current weight, he wouldn't be injury prone, 280 lbs. or 220 lbs.

@bonerbarkley Steve Nash Charles Barkley Devin booker Chris Paul Shawn Marion 👍

It looks like Spectrum Arena needs to get out the Zamboni! Sometimes the resin finish has a fatal flaw, so it’s time to sand it down and prep for another coat. 🚫dust 🚫bubbles 🚫bugs #resinart #handmade #cardart #spectrumarena #76ers #vintagenba #charlesbarkley #sixers

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