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Watch Chris Cuomo's six-hour testimony in his brother's investigation

Now @TishJames released Chris Cuomo's testimony. The news of course aren't saying releasing an investigation in bits and pieces over many months is illegal. Rita Gavin should have gotten the transcripts ASAP. @andrewcuomo

@menard_tamara Same to me….letting be my friend…still miss @ChrisCuomo …best man on tv

Chris Cuomo’s Six-Hour Testimony in Brother’s Investigation Is Released…

@SampsonScrappy @Gregnus_2022 @UncleFloda The word was used for years it has a specific meaning. A woke person deemed it offensive therefore it can't be said. Kinda like Chris Cuomo trying to ban Fredo.

The latest round of documents include the video testimony of the former governor's brother, Chris Cuomo, who was fired by CNN last year after documents showed he played a larger role than initially claimed in responding the harassment allegations.

Included in the documents released today include testimony from the former governor's brother -- Chris Cuomo.

@RxCaste I'm about to ruin this game for you... Why does he look lile Chris Cuomo?

WATCH: Video testimony from former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo released in AG investigation of his brother, former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.…

AG James just released a new batch of video testimony from her investigation into Andrew Cuomo, this time including his brother & former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Rich Azzopardi, & Dem strategist Lis Smith…

Tish James just released more Cuomo documents and videos, including Chris Cuomo's testimony…

NY AG just dropped a new trove of transcripts and videos from the Cuomo sexual harassment investigation -- including a 90 min. video of testimony from the former governor's brother Chris Cuomo…

@jennbabygirl @RosannaWright Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon were like Andrei Markov and Carey Price. Now i don't watch hockey any more and i don't watch CNN anymore. Team matters. Synergy matters Truth matters. @CNN should bring back Chris Cuomo

New York Attorney General Letitia James has released more documents and video interviews as part of her office's investigation of ex-Gov. Cuomo -- including video interview of Chris Cuomo…

The NY AG’s office just released another round of video testimony from the Andrew Cuomo investigation, including from Chris Cuomo.… Ruin a man's life for nothing! Was it worth it you CODEPENDENT BITCHES, who's put NY & country in chaos! @andrewcuomo @ChrisCuomo It's a shame! @NewsHour What media has done not investigating the allegations right is cause for justice! @CNN @MiaFarrow

Brain, what America really wants to know is if you ate Chris Cuomo.…

@ChrisCuomo Miss you 🥰 I’ve saved your last show

@Koffi51 @JahrJon @twobigpuppies Apologies, I meant Chris Cuomo. I get them mixed up sometimes.

@CuomosCurls @ChrisCuomo Huge void with him on the sideline right now. Hope he knows how valuable his voice is, especially on legal matters, and how many are dying for his voice on these topics. He was my go-to.

@patmomandwife @peterlindesign @Contakk @twobigpuppies Hunter Biden is not a politician or media figure. Off the top of my head, actual progressive pols and newscasters canned for misconduct: - Anthony Weiner - Dan Rather - Al Franken - Andew & Chris Cuomo - Keith Olbermann Meanwhile, cons are allowed to perv and lie with impunity.

Broadcast News was a work of fiction but over the years networks have actually been filled with cases just like this. Matt Lauer, Brian Williams, David Gregory, Chris Cuomo, Chuck Todd, Chris Hayes, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, to name just a few.

@jaketapper CNN do any public cleanup after Chris Cuomo got fired for lack of integrity...

@Kelsey53195 @CuomosCurls @ChrisCuomo @SXMPOTUS There is a void. I hope that @CNN is considering the return of Chris Cuomo as the charges against his brother have been dropped. The viewers :

5/ "CNN's Chris Cuomo is out after 'additional information' was found during an investigation into whether he advised his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on the sexual harassment scandal."

@donlemon @DerrickNAACP @donlemonTonight Don, How is Chris Cuomo doing in regards to Long COVID? I'm deeply concerned about what's happening with long term effects of COVID especially after reading horrific anecdotal accounts on Twitter and seeing more scientific info about latent & chronic effects of COVID.

@MariaCuomoCole @ChrisCuomo Chris, I am getting deeply concerned about the longer term effects of COVID. How are your Long COVID symptoms? Are they resolving or getting worse? I'm reading absolute horror stories about some with Long COVID. What is happening to you & to others as time goes on??

@Rtfan1999 @ChrisCuomo If that was your child who was victimized by his brother I can guarantee you would feel different #metoo

@ChrisCuomo Pretty crazy how Trump said impeachment has no affect on him but it will come back to haunt Joe Biden and his administration. Be careful what you wish for…Then people start dropping like a falling rock….

Watch: BOMBSHELL: CNN's Chris Cuomo Used MEDIA SOURCES To Help Brother Andrew Navigate Assault Allegations by The Hill…...…

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