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Are you working on home renovation , clean outs or, any kind of construction work? Do you need a dumpster for your project? Give us a call @ 908.421.1493 #christensenrecycling #dumpsterrental #dumpsterservice #dumpster

@rickbozich Really well managed by the Miami Administration.

@papii8_ @iam_brau @CFCMod_ He doesn't know. All great leaders command respect . How many matches can Christensen even play back to back. How consistent is ferocious is he. Mtchew

@MTSeed88 This is what ‘they’ want, blue against blue!! The issues we have are with the board and Moshiri, not each other

Top D.C. Guardsman Says Army Generals Are ‘Absolute Liars’ About Their Role in Jan. 6 Response "... says they failed to act decisively on the deployment of the National Guard and have subsequently lied about that to Congress."

PM accused of 'failure of leadership' after George Christensen calls for embassy protests over COVID-19 restrictions… via @ABCaustralia

@SteffenFrolund Ahhh det skriver nu både Berlingske, Politiken og JyllandsPosten nu.

@stevenjfrisch @itosettiMD_MBA @Mel4Justice @M_B_Petersen @Laurie_Garrett Why are you posting wrong numbers? Denmark is the country that, by far, sequences the most positive tests per capita.

@DanielHove10 @3pointdk @jobbe2902 Du kan oss’ gå amok inkognito og stemme alle de gange du vil…

@edbradburn @_heatgeek @betateach @MLiebreich @swebster56 Upgrading CO2 in biogas, extracting gasses for synfuel/syngas with pyrolysis are other options. Here a model for a 100% renewable Denmark. The different fuel producing processes provides (waste) heat, thus the coupling to district heating.

@Kidfighter98 I would start Antonio for Toney and bring Christensen in for Livramento and play the team as it is this week. Then target Foden with 2 FT’s next week

Ways to Travel for Cheap Across Japan: Low-Cost Airlines, Night Buses, and More…

@CJ1AJ Den har da vist prøvet det før,så koldt som den ta’r det

@sanela_sanni Man begynder at kunne forstå, hvordan tidligere ledere har kunne dreje en hel befolkning mod andre grupperinger eller folkeslag.

@MyYard27 @LFCAli_ @CFCOsian tuchel is building hudson-odoi up, look at what hes done to rüdiger, andrea’s christensen finally fulfilling his potential, reece james and ben chilwell, don’t talk shit lad

@ancelottisexual Chelsea'de stoperler;Thiago Silva(37),Chalobah(22),Azpilicueta(32),Christensen(25).Aslında bunların hiçbiri diğer takımların kalitesinde değiller.Mesela bu 4'lüden birini city'de,manu'da liverpool'da oynatmazsın.Ama tuchel bir yolunu buluyor doping falan yüklüyor galiba

Rebel News previously reported on the terrible conditions found within Canada's forced quarantine hotels, and we fought to end the senseless program through Amidst Omicron fears, the COVID jails are back — and awful as ever.

@drewriteblazin @mbressler13 I know where that is! Just a little north of Albany, right?

Театр Одшерред / Christensen & Co Architects Театр Одшерред - это лаборатория перформанса. Театр Одшерред - это современная лаборатория культуры и ло... #NykøbingSjlland #Архитектура #КультурнаяАрхитектура #театр #Театрыипредстав...…

My favorite change coming to @RideUTA: later service! Starting Sunday, the last train leaving @slcairport leaves at 11:37 PM instead of the current 8:08 PM. I'm so happy!

@SissaPapirusa Nice to go to the country side of Portugal 👍😊

Odsherred Theatre / Christensen & Co Architects

@axnacole I think everyone knows the intention. Just to gutless to own it.

@edbradburn @_heatgeek @betateach @MLiebreich @swebster56 Fuel pressurised to several hundred bars or cooled to -250 degrees Celsius is not trivial. I think the majority of people underestimates that challenge. And the danger.

@CFCMod_ Why must it be between these 2, how about Christensen?

@CFCMod_ Christensen for me if he decide to stay

After literally years, finally decided to update my profile picture. :P

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