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Les gens qui aiment les sims 4 ça se voit vous avez pas connu l'âge d'or des sims 2.

5’2 on birth control 51/50’d no makeup all natural babey

"mag suot ka kasi ng maayos na damit"

If you want to make donations to KJ2, please see the thread below. #KAI_IS_COMING #KAI #카이 @weareoneEXO


@RobertRasmusse2 Main page on the apartment website literally says “dog friendly.” Not to mention the fact that they have an outdoor area for dogs to play (complete with a fake fire hydrant) as well as a “doggy spa.”

@1nomiyamasumi ちょっとスパンが短すぎますね……

Capturing one's complete attention as if by magic. With the sensual side that she has, she managed to conquer nature. Another pictorial have been prepared for Marie Claire. November Issue with Model Kim, is coming.

@SpeakingSatan Keep an eye on tenses too. It's really easy to slip between past and present when in the first person. Good luck ☺️

@AlexiaHenon Arrêtes le sport tu seras moins bonne!

@thecrueltouch in theory it’s planned but on here most ppl having them r jus sometimes binges to but diff word to feel better

One thing about Peggy is she gon comment on my YouTube videos lol I love her🥺💓

wow. tonight still feels like a dream. definitely a night i’ll never forget <3 •i miss you already mae, i love you 💗 @ 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝…

Slytherin Angel: Cinco curiosidades sobre a história. O primeiro nome dado a protagonista era Claire, ou alguma coisa assim, foi mudado para Zoe por ser um nome que particularmente eu gosto bastante.


@chipsclaire Bonjour Claire, le #TER887413 est composé de deux rames de trois voitures ce matin, soit un total de six voitures. La circulation est bonne sur votre ligne actuellement.

A reação da Solana vendo a Chelsea chegar dps da Claire ter dado um beijo no Grant meudeus 😭 #PrettySmart

@RedVGooner04 @AFF_Ultras @102megan @MattMoussa7 Omg! I saw your picture and thought that's where you wanted to go 🤣 They can fix it. They were really good about it 😊

@deenashakir we’re your ears burning today? was describing one badass 2 another

@WoahThereVero The eyeliner, the colour, the curls! Suits you! 🥰

bat parang kasalanan kapag need ng privacy?

Halten wir fest: das war nicht genug Schlaf.

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