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Amazon Prime: "Clarkson's Farm": Was Sie noch nie über Landwirtschaft wissen wollten…

@JeremyClarkson finally good words for Alonso🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👏👏👏

@JeremyClarkson @alo_oficial Lewis after all that happened must be like: "Oh no! anyway...."

@bhaavingandhi @JeremyClarkson May I suggest he should have retired about 4 seasons ago then?

@Claude_Aurac @abbieebaileyy @JeremyClarkson That figure. Is per year. Same as 30,000 houses. Per year. So no. Not half the planet.

@ARItheBoy @Barizmo @JeremyClarkson Did you lose respect for Hamilton when Rosberg beat him in the same car?

@Calsk09 @1992_ch @skengmessiah @Cxrey44 @JeremyClarkson I don't really know what it is, not even after googling it. All that is clear, is that it is some sort of insult but also used to describe making a fabric with 2 or more layers. So i really just gave gotten nowhere, still don't know what if means.

@JeremyClarkson Mercedes sponsors BLM. I can’t wait to their next crash

Kelly Clarkson Is ‘Sad, Angry & Shocked’ As She Deals With Divorce & Custody Drama With Ex Brandon Blackstock…

Kelly Clarkson Is ‘Sad, Angry & Shocked’ As She Deals With Divorce & Custody Drama With Ex Brandon Blackstock

@martinp1986 @JoshPHolland @climaxxdragon @JeremyClarkson @fia Maybe don’t turn into someone and no one would be going into the wall at 300km/h 🤷‍♂️

@Teddy_Bear_94 @cibosher @JeremyClarkson Ja en? Wat heeft daf er nou mee te maken? Hij wilde toch met de grote jongens meedoen?

@Littlemandan973 @JeremyClarkson I bet you don't get butt hurt about the other British drivers (e.g. David Coulthard, Jenson Button, George Russell, etc.) who also resided/reside in Monaco. That *special* energy is reserved for Hamilton. Wonder why?!🤔

@JeremyClarkson Hamilton would happily kill someone to become the world champion.. Such a bad personality too..

@Claudio_11_1987 @theHDcode @JeremyClarkson @alo_oficial I started watching the sport in 2004-5 just as those 2 were battling it out. I chose Nando as my guy but myb someone older than me can correct me if Im wrong, but I don't think anyone did Michael the way Nando did. Perhaps Mika but I was a toddler then lmao

@oni_kzz Just from looking around Beck, Gordon, Clarkson, Woodburn

@JeremyClarkson Se os olvidó llevarle a top gear hacer el circuito. Una pena

@sidoh11 @JeremyClarkson I’m sure Jeremy is well able to make up his own mind… but if you’re categorizing him as a hater and being influenced by Horner… then I guess that makes you one of the Toto Wolff sheep that believe everything you’re told by Merc… that’s how it works right?

@JeremyClarkson Yes but he was trying to push Lewis off, I think perhaps Alonso was alittle too aggressive, he knew he was there Like Max did last week but Lewis was more cautious

Kaide Gordon another kept around. Clarkson, Woodburn. The U23s have been fielding a young side for pre-season, so things will start to reflect a little more accurately in the coming weeks as the squads take shape. Suspect a couple of loans incoming too, naturally.

@JackBailey2 @JeremyClarkson Lmao we can tell you just started watching F1. Man you new crybaby RB fans embarrass yourself daily 🤣 what about 2016? 2017? 2018? When Ferrari had the better car, what’s your crybaby excuse for those world titles?

When Kelly Clarkson said "I know that I got issues" I felt that cause self awareness is a BITCH

@MaxArgtappen @JeremyClarkson He’s been so lucky over and over and over for some reason.

@leeroywicked @abbieebaileyy @JeremyClarkson They race all across the world and leave the fooptrint after every race so yea

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