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@RobinKoch25 @LUFC i want that hoodie but online they dont have the clipper logo

I'd love to see Dwight Howard on the Clippers

Dallas Mavericks: Clippers, Mavericks reportedly targeting DeMar DeRozan in free agency

@GrantLiffmann When you consider that two of the top West teams have major long term injuries - Clippers with Kawhi and Denver with Murray - that does increase the Warriors chances to rise - if, of course, Klay is healthy. That should help recruit FAs

@nate53850701 @MarvinYNWA @NLHTrainer @SportsCenter And if you're going to start to bring up LeBron, then you might as well take note of the teams and rosters that he had to face in his run. Those Wizards and New Jersey teams are nothing compared to this current Clippers roster. On paper, the Clippers overwhelm the Mavs.

@MONSTATREZZ u should’ve left thee Clippers 🤦🏾‍♂️

Advertise a @BaBylissPROUK clipper then sell a cheap not even close version 😖…

Free agency predictions Kawhi- clippers Cp3- suns Lowry- heat Conley- jazz Demar- mavs Lonzo- bulls Collins- hawks Fournier- knicks Schroeder- wizards Powell- spurs Drummond- hornets Dinwiddie- knicks Hardaway jr- mavs Oubre- rockets Allen- raptors Graham- pelicans Dipo- heat

So if this happens, do you think this roster can compete while Kawhi is recovering?… #ClipperNation #clippers @LAClippers @lockedonclips

Phoenix is okay but weve seen what happens when you frustrate either CP3 or Booker The Clippers arent gonna have Kawhi most of the year The Lakers have a glass cannon in AD and Russ and Bron who have shown they can break down recently Denver is questionable rn

The other night before I washed my hair I sat in the mirror for a good 3 minutes just looking at myself deciding if I wanted to walk downstairs and get the clippers. I decided not to cause Jay told me to wait. Last night I had a dream that I shaved all this shit off. Pray for me.

@ShamettoPHX Says the team who beat up on an injured Lakers squad, played the nuggets without Jamal Murray, and barely beat the clippers without Kawhi…

Slipping the clippers through the telephones WIIIIIIIRES.

@dave_n84 Cooked under a clipper lighter one at a time by the looks of them 🤣🤣❤🇬🇧✌👍

Thank you for all the recommendations! We managed to fit in loads, including the clipper and Greenwich as so many of you suggested. #loveLondon

@acecrockett @AllHands81 @larams47 @RamsNFL @ProFootballHOF @IsaacBruce80 Lakers & Clippers changed their history displays in same building, which also happens to be in LA. But maybe millennials don't care about team history?

@kawhinordestino Se o DeRozan for pro Clippers pra ganhar menos que o Marcus Morris eu largo

@Raaphoff @thestorm1831 @NolDamien3 @FrenchRapUS Merciiii m tkt pas il.le savent très bien drake =pop même une mixtape qui est censé être plus street le mec arrive à te claquer toosie slide juste pour être bien classé et faire du chiffre c'est pour sa qu'il a clipper que ce son.cette fraude

@_Krazy2 Clippers are going to tank a year with Kawhi out. Slow down there.


If the rumors are true and the clippers want to get DeRozan and we have to sign and trade this is what I hope we can trade for him Rondo,Luke Kenneard and one of our 2021 rookies we got

If the clippers one some instant offense off the bench…that new hip got IT back HOOOOOPPPPING…

Happy “Kawhi’s Player Option Day” Clippers fans!

@Jzmie717 I proudly own limbs and a set of clippers

If demar derozan sign with the clippers, i wouldn’t even be mad.

@marcelluswiley Dodgers fan, Angels Fan but you can’t be a Clippers fan and Lakers fan??

Lakers, Clippers may eye DeRozan, but don’t bet on him taking steep pay cut… #sports #feedly

@Lakers @Verizon The Clippers run LA 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

@nate53850701 @SportsCenter This KID is in his 3rd season and has only improved since his drafting into the league. Put a squad around him and that winning gonna happen. He’s also faced a very deep clippers roster both this year and the last. Again as a fucking kid😂😂

@Redhuncho4 @MONSTATREZZ Nigga Clippers didn’t want him neither foo

@treceswife PG and it ain’t even close. Kawhi sucks and load managed. PG was the #1 option on that Clippers team!

Serge Ibaka exercises $9.7M option with Los Angeles Clippers – NBA News

Bites her nails to trim them instead of using nail clippers.

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