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*5… 1. GSW 2.Clippers 3. Suns 4. Pels 5. Memphis/Dallas…

@HardwoodKnocks Contender: MN Timberwolves Overrated team: Clippers MIP: ? DH MVP: Durant Promising Rebuild: OKC

「Hey!Moffrine!Hey!」「What's? 」「Hair clipper.」「NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!」

I am going to send my toenail clippers to your address. Be Ware.

@inSTL118 @inSTL118 lol, I just found a pair of nail clippers in the door of our car.

@Nubz_26 @cjreyes2090 @DanteOnDeck These players are good to great three point shooters, mostly good to great defenders, and contribute to team success in a way that allowed to clippers to be above 500 without kawhi and for the most part pg. Saying these are barely contributing players is dumb

Breaking: Anthony Davis will sign a deal with the Clippers.

@marquiinhoszz Ontem assistindo o jogo da pré temporada do clippers tava me questionando de quanto o spurs perderia pro Maccabi

After being granted permission from the #Clippers to talk to #JayLarranaga earlier this week, he will not be joining the #Celtics coaching staff…

Selling a Kings ticket to a preseason game vs the blazers 10/9 and regular season game vs the clippers! I have kings pass so i wont get the ticket right away but we will work it out!

@vikkin24 @Irockyrock1 PG from the time he signed with the clippers he made a mistake, the Lakers were not going to trade the whole roster to Indiana when he was about to be a free agent it’s ridiculous

@cswboss @iamsomar23 Jaime might be able to present a strong argument against all Ruhi’s. 😂

once he gets a shorts channel its all over for the clickbait clippers ☝️

@KenJennings Serious question though, is it skill set or skillset?

@JunitoPalermo They sell baby nail files you gotta file them smoth the clippers create a sharp edge and its dangerouse if they jerk around. Baby nail files worked great for both my babies

You can tell the people going to the bad bunny concert today bumping his music all day lol

Hair Clipper Electric Clipper Hair Rechargeable Electric Clipper Artifact Own Shaving Electric Shaver…

Hair Clipper Electric Clipper Hair Rechargeable Electric Clipper Artifact Own Shaving Electric Shaver…

@xxMiichxx みどりちゃんおはよ〜🥱 Vラウンジのチケット もう売り切れちょったばい!! めっちゃ急いで買ってよかった🤣 お出けけ行ってらっしゃい👋

Clippers are claiming George Hill off waivers, league sources tell ESPN.

Nail Clippers made with heavy duty stainless steel nail clipper set for toenails and fingernails clipper for men and women (2 pack standard nail clipper via @amazon #Amazon🇺🇸…

Ingrown Toenail Tool Kit (5PCS), Professional Toe Nail Clipper Set for Ingrown & Thick Nail, Stainless Steel Ingrown Toenail Kit, Surgery Grade Manicure Pedicure Tool By Dualeco via @amazon #Amazon🇺🇸…

With everything going on in Seattle sports right now it’s wild to think there’s also Blazers/Clippers at Climate Pledge on Monday too

@pianomaster00 @hoopsjock The Clippers trade was so Jody would be willing to pay Ant, imo.

@chrismanav @Money23Green The Warriors ill say yes. Put him on Phoenix, Bucks, Clippers, Denver, Brooklyn, Philly, and most teams he would be a 6 man of the year. Not too shaby and not disrespect. Just facts.

Monty forgets how to pitch after getting the lead🤠 I had no clue that would happen😤💀

How would you feel being FORCED to cut pieces off, skin parts, reshape, and stitch your ears just so they can look cool? All without anesthesia and pain meds. Same goes for docking and dew claw removal. They just cut them off with nail clippers and burn the end with out meds

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