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@BrewedBlackGirl Oh, no! I saw clips and they reminded me of what my daddy experienced (this year makes 9 and they gave him 96 hours!) so I was curious.

thank you, josh coronel, for the short clips

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@cheolbhaiya i saw some bts in the soop clips and yep it looks fun. i feel like they go for fishing

using these clips like they've watched the show when clearly they haven't if they have no idea how organic it all was..... as if svt aren't going to choose their own activities and have their own meaningful moments

@enterzalman Or how different my perception of certain clips was from what it ended up being, or how much stuff was changef.

its really fucked up that I might be able to monetize my channel soon when all I do is upload dragon maid clips

just got a bunch of solid clips last night. unfortunately, it was on the wrong video source so i have to scrap them :/

@Helexzura Never apologize for game screenshots or vid clips! I personally love seeing my friends post them :)

I just want to say I woke up today saw a bunch of clips/stories I guess you can call it and I just- my heart.

I cannot say na its okay kasi bago nila simulan yung concert ilang beses pinalabas yung clips na bawal mag record AND NOW IN YT MAY MGA NAG UUPLOAD. Sobrang unfair po nun sa mga nagbayad sa BITZ may mga na stress pa kanina sa fanmeet tapos iuupload nyo lang???? its really unfair.

HOY PO! kahit gusto ko panuorin ulit yung BITZm its illegal to upload the clips from the Concert!! Sinabihan na tayo at pinaalahanan na NO RECORDING pero wala di talaga tayo marunong sumunodm ,ay ,ga nag record pa rin

if anyone can send some comfort clips rn that’s would be nice :)

Maybe not the coolest print I've done, but definitely one of the most practical - we always seems to need more bag clips! These print as one piece and are very easy to open and we'll see how long they last 🙂 Takes 1h 23m to print a pair …

@Bella_trixxxxx Can you send me the censored clips on my dm♡?

Biggie should play the nomination clips #BBNaija

@SkolSithLord @christomasson I saw some clips, the receivers were making some crazy catches, definitely helped him look good.

You can buy my naughty clips on @iWantClips ! Check out my store here and let your imagination run wilddddd!

@h0nk1ng413x @sikemieu I habe a whole thread of threads under my pinned that has more clips than this!

@AmmarKazmi_ I too have no interest in Piers Corbyn and do not support his cause but the video is not even what it seems to be. It is a series of clips, patched together, out of sequence, and it makes no sense to do that, unless it is to distort what happened.

Je posterai des clips pour voir mon évolution et je vous pris d’être indulgent au commencement les commentaires méchant et non constructif seront supprimés/bloquer merci d’avance à tout ceux qui m’aideront et je lancerai un grind bientôt si ta lu jusqu’ici mets 🤙 3/3

@HiddenXperia I’ve seen some clips where the view model looks different than when I play, what option is that?

@FloekoeFN @k1rbfn Als ik soms clips voorbij zie komen is dat letterlijk precies hoe hij tegenover sommige kijkers doet en hij is 25 en die kijkers zijn 15/16, wie zit er dan fout? Dit is misschien geen tactische tweet van ons krab maar wat ik er van zie doet hij precies zo tegen kijkers

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